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If you are interested in helping those affected by the crisis in Syria, consider doing the following:

CONTACT REPRESENTATIVES: The US has only let in about 1,400 refugees from Syria and has a worldwide quota of 70,000— so few people they could fit in a medium-size football stadium. Vote for politicians who welcome refugees. CALL your representatives/ lobby online and demand our politicians do better.
VOLUNTEER: Get involved in grassroots organizations locally. Fundraise with your school, workplace, or place of worship. Write and sign petitions. In the US, the International Rescue Committee has 22 offices around the country that have volunteer opportunities for those interested in helping to resettle refugees.
TAKE TO THE STREETS: Protest in front of places of governance. Hold or attend a refugees welcome rally (if you’re in NYC, there will be one in Union Square on September 12th). DONATE: Some notable and trustworthy organizations include: Hope for Syria, InterAction, Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (call 1-888-392-0392 to ensure your donation goes directly to Syrian refugees), Save the Children, Mercy Corps, Oxfam, Migrant Offshore Aid Station, UNICEF, and the Karam Foundation.

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→  Football Stadium : Santiago Bernabéu  |  Madrid, Spain

Tenant : Real Madrid

Construction : 1944 - 1947

Capacity : 85 454

Previous name : Nuevo Estadio Chamartín (until 1955)

Did you know ? Santiago Bernabéu was a former football player who was president of Real Madrid during 35 years and who decided to create a new stadium for the club. The final of the 1982 World Club took place here and saw the victory of Italy (against RFA).

Laura Budapesti Operettszínház, 2015 Groupama Aréna, Budapest, Hungary
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Pitt Stadium - Old Home Of the University Of Pittsburgh Panthers Football team; Oakland, Pennsylvania on Flickr.

-circa 1992
-film photograph
-stadium demolished December 1999

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