it’s 2:30am and I’m gonna share some truths

I’m seeing some bullshit about Helen going around and I’m postponing going to bed even more to say a few things:

- Colin and Helen go everywhere together - football games, conventions, concerts, etc (I notice that because I’m quite honestly crazy about their love story and not even ashamed to admit it). The fact that she doesn’t like to be photographed (which, newsflash, is her right! she is not even a public figure for anyone to demand anything from!) doesn’t mean she doesn’t go places with her husband. She misses out on one concert where he went with a ton of co-stars and people lose their shit??! (we don’t even know if she wasn’t there because many times she is but people don’t know her because again she doesn’t want to or have to live in the spotlight).
- She is probably the epitome of supportive. Just go ahead and watch/read Colin’s interviews about how long they have been together, how she put their wedding on hold so that he could advance in his career, how she moved to another fucking continent with him.
- I met Helen O’Donoghue. She gave my friend a scone, asked where we were from and where we were studying and she is one of the nicest fucking human beings I have had the pleasure of meeting.
- I also had the pleasure of spending a whole night just a table away from her and Colin and if they are not True Love - people, I don’t know what is.
- She doesn’t have to make anyone happy but her husband and he seems quite the happily married guy.


The first episode of Days has just been aired meaning it is time to announce daysanime’s creation, a blog completely dedicated to the football manga series and anime Days. With the anime adaptation starting, this blog is an opportunity to make discover Days to more people and also make earn recognition to its talented and creative fandom: this is the reason why the tag #daysanime has been created (the tags “#daysedit”, “#daysgraphic” and their variations are already used by……. soap opera).

Use #daysanime as one of your first 5 tags if your post is Days related and contains: gifs, graphics, manga coloring, fan art, fanfic amv/mmv etc. made by yourself: this way, it will make easier to promote your work and discover the rest of the fandom and meet fellow Days fans. DO NOT tag as #daysanime anything reposted or personal stuff.

If you wish to see more Days post, start tracking the tag and help to promote it by spreading the word through this post: you can also check out daysanime blog. New admins and affiliates are welcome, if you wish to apply for admin or wish to be an affiliate, please go here. (Text based on: x)


Congrats to LSU’s Tyrann Mathieu (Heisman Finalist & former Honey Badger extraordinaire) for coming back and getting picked up by Arizona! They have an awesome player!

taydo-the-potato’s Draft Cutie!

Euro 2012 draw

So here are the groups:

group A




Czech Republic

Group B





group C



Republic of Ireland


group D





Looks like a good one. Glad England avoided group B and C. B looks tough and also good luck to republic of Ireland! Summer will be interesting time….