Fairly OddParents FanComic Outline Part 1

So a few years back I had a Fairly OddParents fancomic that I really liked. I had redone it, but the pages were lost and I gave up on it. I’m writing/drawing out the outline to give um, ‘closure’ to the old readers because it was pretty developed and one of the few comics I made that had an ending and I just dropped it.

It’s just walls up text here because you can still find most of these parts of the comic online.

Unpolished Charm

A drabble/perc’ahlia study. Takes place at the end of episode 58, but largely deals with Vex’s musings of events prior to.

(Possibly going to be part of a series of drabbles titled ‘Vax Knew First’ based on the numerous times Vex contemplated her relationship with Percy after a comment her brother made)

“He’s charming but both eyes open please.”

Vex’ahlia mused over her brother’s words for longer than she would ever admit to, especially to him. She meant what she said when she had told Vax that she didn’t know what his comment meant, and he doubted her enough without knowing it kept cropping up in her mind.

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anonymous asked:

I absolutely love your work about Scout and his brothers. Idk about others but to me it's simply amazing. I'm really curious, so I wanted to ask... how did you make that chain link fence and wall? I mean how did you put it in perspective while still making it look all good and stuff? Was it Photoshop? And finally, what brushes/textures did you use? They. Are. Gorgeous.

Hey thanks man, umm i hope this helps

Just get these brushes, they’re all fence brushes

Theres no tutorials i could find for the dragging perspective thing so i made this shitty one, if anyone knows a good one, do tell c:

Edit: The wall was a texture done with the same process as the fence