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A/N: This is my first headcanon, so I hope I did okay? Not too sure how these things go. I changed it up a bit from what was requested, so hopefully they like it. Please let me know what you think, enjoy! 

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- Peter being an intern at Stark Tower

  • “Am I gonna help you with the suit, Mr. Stark?! O-Or the the Avengers suits? Oh! What abo-”
  • “No, you’re my assistant, meaning you don’t touch or bother me except for when I need something. ”
  • “Y-Yes, Mr. Stark, s-sir.

- He gets bored easily and starts making friends with some of the Avengers around the tower

  • Except for Sam
  • Sam doesn’t understand why a 15 year old is already interning
    • Shouldn’t he be in school??? *concerned parent sam*
  • Plus he’s full of energy in an office building and that doesn’t go too well

- He has a designated desk for himself (specifically away from anything that can be broken or messed with)

  • “T-This is for me? W-Wha-”
  • “It’s just a desk, chill out kid. Mind bringing me a cup of joe in like 20 minutes? I’ve got a meeting with a bunch of bozos and I’m going to need a pick me up.”
  • “O-Of course, Mr. Stark. I-I’ll get right on that!”

- But when he gets coffee for Tony, the rest of the Avengers hound him down for some too

  • “I’ll take a coffee with sugar and cream.” “I want a muffin, none of that whole grain shi-” “Latte with a pastry please!” “Just black coffee…” “Coffee with 6 shots of espresso, I need all the energy I can get!” and so on
  • Him hurriedly trying to write down their orders on a scratch piece of paper and stuffing it into his neat work pants
  • “O-Okay, I’ll be back s-soon!”

Peter literally sprinting to the nearest Starbucks and the line being obnoxiously long

  • *silent cry* “are you kidding me?!”
  • Carefully maneuvering through traffic with cases full of hot coffee and bags of food
  • Trips over a pothole on the road, but uses his spidey reflexes to catch everything, even the stacked napkins (not in plain sight of course, duh.)

- Managing to get back to the tower in a reasonable time with sweat glistening his forehead

  • “I-I’m back with your o-orders!”
  • breathless with a exasperated expression of nervousness and glee

- All the Avengers racing to get their hot coffees before everyone else

  • “A-Alright, I’ve got 8 c-coffees, 1 non-whole grain muffin, 4 pastries, 2 smoothies-”
  • They give Peter approving nods or slaps on the back in appreciation and for getting their orders correct. 
  • point for pete!

- Tony grabs his drink and thanks Peter

  • “Great work, kid!”
  • *incoherent excited noises*
  • “T-Thank you, Mr. Stark. I-I have a pretty good memory-”
  • “Well, you can put it to good use now, huh?”
  • “Yes, a-always, Mr. Star-”
  • “Just wait til the lunch rush, kid. Man, that’s where the true struggle begins.”
    • He manages to get past lunch with ease
    • “Man, I’m like a secretary… but for Tony Stark!”
    • That makes it a little better, right? riGht??

- Peter being overwhelmed by Tony letting him call him by his first name

  • ‘W-What should I do next, Mr. S-Stark?
  • “First off, Tony, call me Tony. Mr. Stark makes me feel like an old fart. Second, I need another refill, but this time make it one of those green smoothies.”
  • *incoherent Peter noises*
  • Does this mean he ‘trusts’ me ??
  • Omg omg omg omg
  • Am I dreaming? *pinch* Nope, no definitely not dreaming
  • “R-Right, of course Mr- I-I mean, Tony.”
    • The widest smile is plastered across his teenage face
    • Still ends up calling him Mr. Stark no matter how many times he’s reminded by Tony

- Peter sneaking around the tower when he has nothing to do

  • “Authorized personnel only… hmm, I wonder what’s in he-”
  • Tony spying on him with all the cameras around
  • “Kid, you know this place is rigged with cameras and I can see your every move?”
  • Red faced Peter trying to act all innocent
  • Psh, pfffft, y-yeah, I-I knew that. I was j-jus-”
  • “Go to your desk, underoos.”
  • “Sir yes sir!”

- Getting higher up in the internship to assist in scheduling things for the Avengers, like press, interviews, meetings, etc.

  • He never messes up times or dates
  • “Y-You’ve got a lunch with the mayor at noon, uh- a meeting with Bruce a-about the new machinery around four, and a press interview with Potts at 5:30. I-I did manage to squeeze a b-break in ther-”
  • “Well, shit. Aren’t you a scheduling wizard, kid.”
  • “T-Thank you, Mr. Stark. I-I try my best.”

- Peter being the first one there in the morning to make the place look nice and being the last one to leave

  • Tony lets him check out the lab before they leave for the day
  • “Woah, no way! T-This is so awesome, Mr. Stark!”
  • his eyes full of hope for his future there
  • “H-Hey, what’s this do?”
  • “…o-oops”
  • *insert frustrated dad gif*

Love, there are places in this world that you will never ever forget. Places that you will always find yourself wanting to go back to. In my case, I miss Los baños. I miss everything that we did there. I will never forget our Christmas celebration in a hot spring hotel. The concert in UPLB that we went to and our foodtrips along side especially the Pad Thai. Los Baños will always be special to me. I promise we will be back soon but for the meantime, let’s be stuck with this Root-beer and Vito Cruz-based special Pad Thai…I love you.
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onliafaze  asked:

What do the UK do when they find their s/o treating a nose bleed she got because of allergies/dry weather irritating her nose?

Here you go dear! ♡^▽^♡

It’s short, but hey, who’s counting words? 

Thank you for requesting! 💋


“(Name)-chan! Are you okay?” Kotarou asked seeing some blood on the tissue she was holding. He lets go of the basketball and worriedly made his way over to her.

“I’m okay.” she insisted. “The weather’s just too hot. Really.”

“Are you sure?” he asked, smiling genuinely. “Or are you just too astonished with me playing? (Name)-chan, you gotta tell me the truth.”

She scoffed. “Yeah right. Keep dreaming.”

“The bleeding stopped.” he pointed out.

“After you came, it did.” she added, waving him off. He cried playfully, saying how hurt he was. She chuckled, flattered on how worried he was on something so little.


“Does it taste good?” Nebuya questioned his girlfriend, turning his head to see what she thought of that food he had the other day.

“It’s.. okay.” she replied, pulling out a tissue from her pocket and dabbing it on her nose.

“What? How is that possible? Did you hurt yourself?” he continued to throw questions at her until she shot him a glare.

“I’m allergic to this.” she handed him back the food, the bleeding of her nose not stopping.

“(Name)! Are you mad? Are you sure you’re okay? Why haven’t you told me you were allergic to this? Are you-“

“God, I’m okay!” she groaned on how worried her boyfriend was by a nosebleed. “This is nothing. What’s with you?”

“Well then, let’s continue with our foodtrip!” he smiled widely, dragging her along.

“You really didn’t ask what ingredient I’m allergic to?”

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Last night with this two!

Mukha po ba kaming lasheng? HAHAHAHA.

Sobrang nakakamiss lang talaga kachikahan ang mga ‘to. Yun bang kapag nagshare ka ng kwento, hindi mo kelangan magholdback. Hindi mo kelangan pigilan ang sarili mo. Kwento lang nang kwento, kasi maiintindihan naman nila.

Nakakatuwang hindi pa rin kami nagbabago. Yung pagkakatapos uminom, foodtrip naman sa Jollibee. Hahahahaha. Sa dami ng kwentuhan namin, 2 redhorse lang ang nainom namin. Tapos lasing na kami dun. Kainaman! Hahahaha. Yun lang pala ang nagbago. Hindi na pala kami malakas uminom. HAHAHAHAHA.

Guys any advice sa mga firstimers sa baguio. may mga baguio hacks ba kayo dyan or cheap foodtrips saan mganda pumunta ganon. badly needed kase next week pupunta kami ng kaibigan ko sa baguio to unwind, relax eh both of us are first timer sa place so ayun. advice naman dyan oh thanks

tuwing mag Nov. 1 ipapaalala to ng tropa namin ni Jhay. 

2013. teams are staying sa Compostela Valley for the research/survey/stat.


hinirit ko kay J yung ‘ipagtirik ng kandila yung puso kong patay na patay sayo’ over the fone. ang malupet niyan naka loud speaker sa team mates niya tapos team mates ko din nakikinig sa likod ko. tuwang tuwa sila kala mo bago yung pick up line. duh. galing ko lang mag deliver. hahahaha

this year, pinaalala nanaman ni kuya kaya sabi ko kilig si jhay niyan that time PERO NGAYON SIYA NA MAPAPATAY KO. hahaha. putek. 


Siopao foodtrips sa Compostela Valley is HEARTS for Team Marlon <3


In English, “Where are we going to eat ourselves ba?” 


Yung maaga pa lang pinagplanuhan niyo na kung saan kayo kakain. Naikot niyo na buong mall hanggang sa pumutok na yung varicous veins mo sa paa hindi niyo pa rin mapagdesisyunan kung saan. Tapos yung mga kalimitang sagot ganito,

a. “Eh saan ba masarap?” Ikaw na nga nagtanong tapos ibabalik pa sa’yo yung tanong. Maghiwalay sana itlog niyo.

b. “Kayo bahala.” Tapos pag dinala mo naman dun sa gusto mong kainan biglang sasabihin, “Dun na na naman? wala ng iba?” 

c. “Libre mo?” Nagtanong lang manlilibre na agad? Magtrabaho. Magsumikap. Mag-ipon. Hindi yung puro palibre.

d. “Di ko alam.” Sarap sagutin ng, “Ganyan ka naman talaga. Wala kang alam. Kahit yung nararamdaman ko sa’yo hindi mo alam!” sabay walkout kase maarte ka. 

e. “Kahit saan.”  Sarap tampalin ng world map sabay sabing, “There are 7 continents and 196 countries in this world. May 7,100 islands ang Pilipinas kapag high tide at 7,107 kapag lowtide. And you’re teling me na kahit saan?!” 

Kaya para maiba naman eto dapat yung isinasagot,

1. “Dun sa magandang iinstagram.” Kase gusto mong picturan ng topview yung order niyo para kunware food blogger ka.

2. “Dun sa hindi pa natin nakakainan.” Para kunware foody ka. Gusto mong ijustify yung nakasulat sa slambook mo that your hobby is “Foodtrip with friends.” 

3“Dun sa pwedeng bagayan ng outfit ko.” Dahil mahilig kang magmaganda at gusto mong magphotoshoot sa bawat sulok ng restaurant habang hawak yung order mo.

4.  Hindi naman ikaw yung kakain eh. Ikaw yung kakainin ko. :3″ Kase nga maharot ka. Tapos yung kalandian mo tagos hanggang bone marrow.

5. Sa plato, alangang sa bao?”  Kung gusto mo lang namang matampal ng wala sa oras at umuwing duguan.

6. “Dun sa pwedeng tumambay ng matagal.” Yung tipong puro kagat na yung dulo ng straw ng starbucks mo kase 11 hours mo ng iniinom yung kape habang sinasamantala mo yung pagddownload ng movies sa free wifi. Galeng.

7. “Dun sa hindi mo afford!” Tapos tititigan mo siya from head to toe sabay hairflip kase yung puke mo rectangle.

8. “Siyempre dun sa hindi ka kasama.” Sabay higit dun sa iba mong set of friends tapos iiwanan mo siya kase badassbitch ka.

Pero ang totoo, madali lang naman talagang sagutin ang tanong na “Saan tayo kakain?” Nahihiya lang tayong magsuggest dahil mas iniisip natin kung ano yung mas gusto ng mga kasama natin. Ayaw lang nating matawag na insensitive. Sa madaling salita, meron tayong mabuti at ginintuang puso. Dakila tayo shet.



Kahit na hindi ka perpekto. Oo, hindi ka katulad ng iba na almost perfect lalo na sa itsura. Hindi rin stable yung ugali mo pero tanggap kita. Minahal kita dahil dyan.

Kahit na ang moody mo. Topak dito. Topak doon. Sweet dito. Sweet doon. Tampo dito. tampo doon. Ganyan ka eh. Ang hirap mong ispellingin. Maya-maya iba yung mood mo. Pero hayaan mo, cute ka pa rin para sakin.

Kahit na ang takaw mo. Bili dito, bili doon. Kain dito, kain doon. Ikaw yung babaeng mahilig kumain. Palaging foodtrip bonding natin. Pero alam mo kung bakit naiinlove ako sa katakawan mo? Kasi never kang na-conscious na baka tumaba ka. Hindi ka rin pakitang-tao.

Kahit na ang demanding mo. Ang daming rules! Ang daming bawal. Ang daming dapat gawin. Dapat ito.. hindi nito. Pero hindi ako nagrereklamo kasi handa kong sundin lahat ng gusto mo.

Kahit na ang selosa mo. Lahat na lang ng babae pinagseselosan mo. Kakausapin ko lang, issue agad. Madikit o malapit lang sakin, away agad. Pero hindi kita pipigilang magselos. Mas nararamdaman kong mahal mo talaga ako. Basta gusto ko ring malaman mo na wala ka naman dapat ikaselos.

Kahit na ang tamad mo minsan. Tinatamad kang kumilos. Tinatamad kang gumawa ng gawaing bahay. Tinatamad ka sa school works mo. Tinatamad ka. As in! Wala kang gustong gawin kundi makasama lang ako. Pero ang sweet kasi ako kasama mo sa katamaran mo.

Kahit na nananakit ka. Yung bawat paghampas. Yung bawat pagsampal. Yung bawat suntok na naabot ko sayo sa tuwing naiinis ka sakin sa mga bagay na wala naman akong kinalaman. Ang sarap mo na lang yakapin kapag nananakit ka na. Okay lang na saktan mo ako kung yun ang paraan para hindi ka masaktan.

Kahit na makulit ka. Kapag ginusto mo, ikaw masusunod. Basta naisipan mo dapat mangyari. Kahit hindi pwede, ipipilit mo. Oo makulit ka talaga. Napaka-kulit. Ayaw makinig sakin. Pero ano pa nga bang magagawa ko? Talo ako sayo. Mas okay naman na magpatalo ako kaysa mag-away tayo.

Kahit ang pride mo. Natitiis mo ako minsan. Ayaw mong umamin na kasalanan mo. Ako palaging gumagawa ng paraan para magkaayos tayo. Ako palaging nagso-sorry. Ako palaging nanunuyo at naghahabol. Oo, ang pride mo. Pero okay lang sakin na babaan pride ko para sa babaeng pinakamamahal ko.



Yung biglang magyayaya yung tropa mo na magfoofoodtrip daw tapos kapag tinanong kung saan masarap kumain,

“Dun tayo sa hindi pa natin nakakainan!”

( *books a flight to Tawi-tawi.)


Pero dahi may kaibigan kang #Foody at perstaym ninyong lahat sa place,

“Huy! Iba-ibahin natin yung order para matikman natin lahat sa menu.”


“Wait langggg!!!! Picturan ko muna yung foods!”

Tapos mega-sampa pa sa upuan para magmukhang “artsy” yung shot habang nagwewelga na yung mga sikmura nila sa sobrang gutom. 

Tapos kapag ready na ang lahat para kumain,

“Uy ulett!! may shadow!!”


“Sir. can I take your order?”

“Ok wait…. Eto…Uhh.. .Kung ano na lang yung best-seller!”

Kasi walang picture yung nasa menu kaya wala kang basehan kung nakakain ba talaga yun o ano. Pangalawa, pangmayaman ang menu at hanggang “tapsilog” ang kayang i-pronounce ng vocabulary mo.


“Kung ano na lang yung order mo ganun din sa’kin.”

Para kunware sweet. Para kunware meant-to-be kayo kasi pareho yung isinisigaw ng mga taste-buds niyo. Sus, wag niyo ng i-push. Hindi magwowork-out yan. Kapag tropa, tropa lang. Walang landi-landi.


“Kaw na lang yung magunli-rice ha. Hingi na lang kami.”

#UltimateGalawangKuripot lalo na kapag nasa Mang-Inasal. Kaya ang ending, ang sama-sama ng titig ng mga waiter sa inyo after niyong magbill-out.


“Uyy. Sarap yan? Patikim.”

Hanggang sa nauwi sa lamon yung sinasabi niyang tikim. Ikaw yung naubusan. Ikaw yung nawalan. Wala eh. Ganun talaga yata kapag nasasarapan, nakakalimutang hindi pala kanya yung tinitikman.


“Guys. Diet ako eh. Pero sige dessert lang.”

Pero siya pa yung mas madaming inorder at kinain. #NasaanAngDiet


"Guys tubig na lang pala yung sa’ken.” 

Pero ang totoo, nakita mong smoothies yung inorder ng friend mo kaya makikihigop ka na lang.


“Uy guys. Ubusin niyo na ‘to. Sayang naman.”

Yung tipong concern na concern ka para sa food dahil maraming mga bata sa lansangan ang walang makain. Pero ang totoo, ikaw talaga yug may balak umubos ng tira. Naninigurado ka lang na walang may mag-aatim kumuha. Para may legalidad at walang panghuhusga.