Food Review: THE HIDEOUT tea and coffee House

OH MY GOD! I miss writing food reviews! when was the last time I wrote about cool restaurants I’ve been to? hmm pretty much a long time huh. anyways I thought it would be nice if I share with you a little experience of mine on this newly discovered restaurant. 

Who Discovered it? my Parents. During their Barkada Night out ( yes they usually go out at night to be with their high school friends huhu the kids were left at home. ) they usually spend the night lurking at hideout. when the first time I heard about Hideout I thought they were referring to one of their “slang”  words you know Oldies thing. little did I know that it is actually a restaurant. 


Unlike some restaurants here around QC, hideout is a bit small. I don’ enjoy much of it since all tables are inch apart and I’m having a hard time moving since everybody seemed face to face. still can accommodate prolly around  20 people inside ( face to face situation ) 


we ordered SNACK BASKET! yes!!!! I know! to be honest I can finish this all alone! Good for 4 persons! I love the ham and cheese roll they serve it hot! I love the fries too but the Mojos I would say 40 out of 100. of course we want our mojos to be crispy and hot but they serve it plain “preserved mojos” If I’m not mistaken it was cooked thrice that day. It’s so dry!! 

Who would not love FRAPPES? raise your hand so I can give you a high five on your face with a fish. lol just kidding! frappes here ranged from 115 - 150 pesos. in a large cup ha! so cheap right? you know why? they use LOCAL INGREDIENTS! Very Clever! powdered shake, the ice ream on top is pinipig ( the one you bought from kuya manong around schools ) pretzels  and kit kat. Ice cream cone, Dowee donut?  and marshmallows. 


people who have been reading my blog knows that my family loves to eat. that’s why I get so much arm flab lately hehe. who cares?! 


  • The Hideout is located at Malabon. (  Gen. Luna St, Malabon, 1470 Metro Manila) open from 2 pm - 12 am 
  • the SNACK BASKET COSTS : 299 good for 4 persons 
  • they Cater Board games too! you might wanna check that out. 
  • very fun ambiance brought by the servers ( who are gays! love em ) they’re super funny! 

onliafaze  asked:

What do the UK do when they find their s/o treating a nose bleed she got because of allergies/dry weather irritating her nose?

Here you go dear! ♡^▽^♡

It’s short, but hey, who’s counting words? 

Thank you for requesting! 💋


“(Name)-chan! Are you okay?” Kotarou asked seeing some blood on the tissue she was holding. He lets go of the basketball and worriedly made his way over to her.

“I’m okay.” she insisted. “The weather’s just too hot. Really.”

“Are you sure?” he asked, smiling genuinely. “Or are you just too astonished with me playing? (Name)-chan, you gotta tell me the truth.”

She scoffed. “Yeah right. Keep dreaming.”

“The bleeding stopped.” he pointed out.

“After you came, it did.” she added, waving him off. He cried playfully, saying how hurt he was. She chuckled, flattered on how worried he was on something so little.


“Does it taste good?” Nebuya questioned his girlfriend, turning his head to see what she thought of that food he had the other day.

“It’s.. okay.” she replied, pulling out a tissue from her pocket and dabbing it on her nose.

“What? How is that possible? Did you hurt yourself?” he continued to throw questions at her until she shot him a glare.

“I’m allergic to this.” she handed him back the food, the bleeding of her nose not stopping.

“(Name)! Are you mad? Are you sure you’re okay? Why haven’t you told me you were allergic to this? Are you-“

“God, I’m okay!” she groaned on how worried her boyfriend was by a nosebleed. “This is nothing. What’s with you?”

“Well then, let’s continue with our foodtrip!” he smiled widely, dragging her along.

“You really didn’t ask what ingredient I’m allergic to?”

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CPA Night

Biglaan. Biglaan lang talaga pramis akshali sila planado ako ‘tong biglang napajoin. Mga kablockmate ko nung uma-accountancy pa lola nyo isang sem ko lang sila nakasama pero ganun pa din kami. Tatlo sa kanila CPA na kaya sige tawagin na nating CPA night. Nakakatawa nga eh kasi ‘tong mga ‘to di na uso picturan ang food and shit bago kumain pagdating ng inorder namin lahat (pati ako) derecho attack kasi pota mga patay gutom ata kaming lahat. Ayun atleast bago ako babalik sa black hole at magpakaadult and shit tas training training churva nakapag-gala pa ko doe di ako nakasama sa walwal with my roomies may pa-foodtrip naman ako eh.

ps. ampanget ng lights sa loob lakas maka-meralco noo namin lalo na sa first pic (maliwanag ang buhaaay~)



Second gala with Ubes this year yun nga lang hindi kami kumpleto. Pagkatapos naming manood ng Fifty Shades Darker sa Glorietta, dumiretso na kami dito. Tumuloy pa din kami kahit gabi na. Grabe adventure & walkathon namin bago makarating kasi hindi namin alam kung paano pumunta at saan yung mismong location ng kainan. Haha! Ramen lang yung inorder namin pero swear sobrang anghang. Kahit yung normal maanghang, spicy pa naman yung inorder ko. Okay lang naman sa akin kasi mahilig naman ako sa mga spicy foods. Gusto ko talagang bumalik dito kasi nung time na pumunta kami, nagmamadali ako kaya di ko masyadong naenjoy yung pagkain. Tsaka I’m always craving for Ramen din.

“bish can i see you bago ka aalis?”

hala ka attached nako sa mga tao here di ko kinaya si bish gago isa sa mga aport ko to here like close as in pota kasama ko to sa mga gig, roadtrip, foodtrip, movietrip, gala and shit. :——-(


Hindi pa ako makatulog kaya ito binabalikan ko ulit mga pictures natin together. sobrang miss na miss na kita kung alam mo lang. 1 Month palang tayo sa mundo ng LDR pero parang halos isang buong taon na tayong nagkahiwalay 😔. miss ko na mga ginagawa natin. manuod ng sine, mag foodtrip, mag kwentuhan sa kung ano anong bagay, miss ko na katabi ka matulog, mga panakaw na gabi makasama ka lang, miss ko na na gigising ako na ikaw makikita ko, miss ko na ikaw ihug, ikiss, asarin, kulitin. how i wish na sana matapos na tong LDR na to. 😞 basta lagi mo tatandaan na kahit gaano man kalayo yung pagitan nating dalawa ikaw lang mahal ko at mamahalin ko ng sobra. ikaw lang kontento na ko. mag iingat ka lagi at andito lang ako lagi para sayo kahit na ilang kilometro layo ko sayo. iloveyou so much mahal. imissyou mwaaa huuugs 💋

June 04, 2017

After Church, sinamahan ko boyfriend ko magpapicture sa MOA for his passport size pic as one of the requirements for his PRC’s license renewal.

Then had an hour of videoke. We decided not to eat lunch na kasi after mag-gym and before church, kumain na kami sa mang-inasal. *after gym, foodtrip* 😂😂😂

After videoke sa timezone, we watched movie din. Eh ano pa nga ba papanoorin? #WONDERWONAN #GALGADOT 😘😘😘.
Kahit na mainit sa cinema 5 ng MOA due to reconstructions thingy, we can still give 5/5 stars sa movie.

Around 7:15 pm ata natapos yung movie from 4:00 pm screening time. Then nakauwi kami mga around 8:00 pm na. Pahinga lang sa kanya-kanyang bahay for an hour.

Check-in kami mga around 9:30. Alam na this! 👬 😘😘😘 Check out around 1:00 am.

And that’s how our day ended.

I love you babe!

Throwback Thursday 😌

Bumisita kami sa Alma Mater namin kanina. The feels bruh. Halos wala na kaming kilala tapos mas lalong dumami mga estudyante (public kasi) para silang mga langgam lalo na nung uwian ay jusko yung pila sa gate umabot hanggang bcourt namin. So ayuuuun ang saya lang kasi foodtrip all the way kami lalo na sa siomai wahhhh the best pa rin tapos bread roll, tas ukoy, banana cue tas mga inumin na gulaman at juice. After nun nagpicture picture kami sa field ayokong ipost kasi sobrang haggard ko yuck hahahaha. Fun-filled day indeed! ❤️

batangas trip with 03 or unlimited desserts foodtrip with gals? :(( when you are broke and then trips here and there comes out but when you are not broke anymore no ganap naman. Sabay pa na bukas lahat. Hehe oks lang meh🙂 🙃