Pharaoh has the power. He can take away your food, your home, your freedom. He can take away your sons and daughters. With one word, Pharaoh can take away your very lives. But there is one thing he cannot take away from you: your faith. Believe, for we will see God’s wonders.

The Prince of Egypt (1998) dir. Brenda Chapman, Steve Hickner, and Simon Wells


get to know me meme: [3/5] films  → the prince of egypt (1998) directed by:  brenda chapman, steve hickner, simon wells

“pharaoh has the power. he can take away your food, your home, your freedom. he can take away your sons and daughters. with one word, pharaoh can take away your very lives. but there is one thing he cannot take away from you: your faith. believe, for we will see God’s wonders.”

WHAT THEY LOOK FOR IN A LOVER: Sanji, Ace, Law, Luffy, Zoro

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-Passion. Sanji has the most fantastical dream of all of the straw hat pirates, given that the All Blue is entirely a myth when compared even to the Hieroglyph that Robin is seeking out. Despite the question surrounding his dream, he actively and furiously defends his vision in any form that it takes. He has the same attitude towards cooking. If you disrespect his craft he doesn’t only become defensive, but will physically, mentally, and emotionally combat this disrespect. He is a passionate individual, and sometimes he can barely contain his passion and love for the things he holds dear. He needs a lover who holds the same fiery passion in at least one aspect of their life.

-Empathy. Given his past, Sanji has grown up knowing the importance of empathy, and sharing all of your goods with the people around you in need. In order to properly understand arguably the most important lesson he learned as a child, a potential lover would need the ability to see the world and its pains and have the strength of character to be able to share these pains. They would need the strength of character to aspire to create a positive change for the people around them, and not just a greater change for themselves.

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get to know me meme : [1/15] favorite animated movies : the prince of egypt

“Yes, it’s true. Pharaoh has the power. He can take away your food, your home, your freedom. He can take away your sons and daughters. With one word, Pharaoh can take away your very lives. But there is one thing he cannot take away from you: your faith. Believe, for we will see God’s wonders.”

I cant wait until i am whole and happy and at peace of mind and can take photos of all the beautiful moments in my life and truly appreciate every gift life has to offer i cant wait to have all the love, connection, positive thoughts, healthy food, passion, freedom, drive, adventure and nature that i need in order to be complete and feel like a happy and whole human being again

Aria is in fact “UBER A” and Charlotte’s sister. (A-mazing Theory from Reddit member “maryssmith”

Not mine, but it is the best theory I’ve ever seen (except for the main theory of this group). It ties everything together, twisting some things making everything to get related. :}I just read it on Reddit. Credits go for the user “maryssmith"Just  making it hot for you… In this theory…
Alison DiLaurentis is actually "CeCe Drake"Charlotte DiLaurentis is actually "Bethany Young"Sara Harvey is actually "Charles DiLaurentis” (which makes a really ironic way she died, in the bathtub, when on 6A we we’re lead to believe lil’ Charles was drown on a bathtub)Aria Montgomery is “UBER A”

The Theory:“A warning: this is ridiculously long. But, well, there are no new episodes for awhile and if you’re bored, have at it.So, we know that Charlotte used the name "Cece Drake” but that this wasn’t her real name, which was Charles, later Charlotte, DiLaurentis. What we don’t know is if Charlotte made up this alias (maybe off of Mary’s name because, uh, what are the odds that she just picked that last name randomly?) or if she took the identity of someone else whose name really is or was Cece Drake. Let’s say that she switched identities with somebody really named Cece Drake, who is still at large in the story. There are a few clues that suggest that it’s possible that the real Cece Drake is Alison.Clue #1: Since Charlotte stole this identity, she’d have the records make it look like she was Cece Drake– so Cece’s birthdate would match Charlotte’s age. But the real Cece could have been born at a different time or much later– like, when Ali was born.Clue #2: In the Ali-and-Spencer-at-Radley sequence, Ali says “wasn’t sixth grade the best?” and Spencer replies: “I didn’t even know you then.” We know that the DiLaurentis family didn’t always live in Rosewood and that they lived in a neighboring town apparently when Ali was younger. Veronica once commented that she thought trouble started for the girls “when they met Alison”, implying that the Liars knew one another before Alison knew any of them. Sometime after the sixth grade, Alison started school with the Liars but the DiLaurentis family had moved to Rosewood by then, so where was Ali? I’m going to guess Radley, where she was known by her real name, Cece Drake, and spent some time with her mother, Mary, before her aunt adopted her and changed her name to Alison, spawning Ali’s interest in creating alternate personas (Vivian Darkbloom) and her generally terrible behavior.Clue #3: This explains why Cece Drake was given a visitor’s pass to Radley– the one Spencer finds hidden in the horse at Radley… the one Ali knew right where to find. (Also in the horse? Mona’s fake nurse’s badge declaring her “Ali Dee”. So, the clue is that “Ali Dee”– Alison DiLaurentis– is fake and the real Radley visitor standing before Spencer in the scene is really named Cece Drake.)Clue #4: “But, when I get there, it’s not my daughter sitting in Radley, it’s Cece Drake!” First of all, this scene makes absolutely zero sense on the surface because this argument between Jessica and Ali would have taken place before Charlotte transitioned and also before she left Radley using the name Cece Drake. So, try watching the scene and reading it like this, with this background… Jessica got a call to come to Radley because her daughter was there and saying she wanted to stay. Jessica went there expecting to see her daughter… who is not actually Alison/Cece Drake because Alison/Cece Drake is Mary’s daughter. Ali/Cece switched places with another girl who is Jessica’s daughter (Bethany?) and let that girl escape for a few hours to go have some fun. Jessica got to Radley and expected to see her daughter/possibly Bethany and instead it was not her daughter sitting in Radley but Cece Drake. Ali and her cousin had pranked Jessica hard and Jessica was furious, which is why she used Ali’s real name instead of Alison. Ali responds with “I can’t believe she did it. I didn’t think that bitch had it in her.” Her tone is dripping with sarcasm and a dark kind of mirth and it could be read as if she’s talking about herself as Cece Drake as if that were another person in response to Jessica calling her by another name.Clue #5: How does Charlotte “Cece Drake” DiLaurentis get away for awhile? By playing the identity swapping game with Ali again. Ali lets her steal another of her names– Vivian Darkbloom this time. They’re still playing their game.Clue #6: In Cece’s first appearance, she says a signature Ali line (“You’re always better off with a really great lie”) that is pretty ironic, considering that Cece’s entire persona was a lie and it was based on… Alison. She was doing her best Ali impression, trading personas with her the way they did when Ali was visiting and helped her get out of Radley a few times. The Liars immediately recognize Cece as being similar to Ali but they don’t know just how much so. Early on in her time in Rosewood, Cece seems amused by the lie. When she meets Jason, what does she do? She gets her picture taken in the yearbook. In the Liars’ yearbook one year, there’s a picture of a Cece Drake and it’s the year that Ali is missing. That’s some sorta amusing dark humor. Jason asks her name and she smirks a little. “I’m Cece. Cece Drake.” She’s bemused by telling Ali’s brother his sister’s name– the real one he didn’t know. The same amusement happens when she encounters the Liars at the brew for the first time and introduces herself and talks to them about Ali.Clue #7: It might explain Bethany. We know that Ali and Bethany had contact and we know that Bethany hated Jessica, thought she was a liar and didn’t want to call her Aunt Jessica and all that. My feeling is that Bethany didn’t want to call her Aunt Jessica because she wasn’t her aunt at all– she was her mother– but for whatever reason was keeping that quiet and not helping her to get out of Radley. Bethany had been thrown to the wolves in there, likely because Jessica and her father had had an affair and Bethany’s existence was a secret. Jessica tried to make up for it by buying her a pony but Bethany was having none of it and drew dark pictures of her. One thing that’s interesting? She drew Jessica’s roses in a couple of the pictures. The same roses that Jessica was always seen trimming and working on (in the Charles bathtub flashback, when Jason shows up at Aunt Carol’s, etc..). This indicates that she was, at one point, at the DiLaurentis house. This would explain how she met Ali– at some point, Jessica felt guilty and introduced Ali/Cece Drake to her cousin, Bethany. (Or, alternately, they were around the same age and grew up together in Radley before Ali/Cece was let out sometime after the sixth grade.)Bethany was full of raging jealousy over how Ali got the good deal. She wasn’t even Jessica’s daughter but she got to live outside of Radley in a nice house with great clothes and good food and freedom while Bethany was trapped inside, hating both of them. This is the anger you hear on the audio tape the Liars’ find, with Bethany wondering if “she” (Ali) is just as bad as her mother and if you can trust anyone in that family. Using the yellow top sent to Charles by Jessica, Ali planned to do something about Bethany on That Night… but Bethany was tipped off to the plot and tried to go after Ali instead. The end result is that a girl whose identity we still don’t 100% know was killed and buried in the DiLaurentis backyard and they have now identified her as Bethany but she was previously identified as Ali… meaning, it almost has to be that Ali and Bethany are related, which is what we’re saying here, since if Ali is the real Cece Drake and Mary’s daughter and Bethany is Jessica’s illegitimate daughter, then they are/were cousins.Clue #8: Melissa. Melissa is seen in the yard on That Night talking with Charlotte. If we’re saying that Charlotte is really Bethany, then this makes a lot of sense. Both Spencer and Melissa rode horses and Jessica took Bethany to get Custard (all that yellow imagery!) to get a pony and go for riding lessons. Melissa and Bethany became friends. Melissa almost has to know the secret about Spencer’s biological mother because she’s claimed for so long to have been protecting her. One thing to consider is that if Mary is only somewhat Spencer’s biological mother– like, say, if she was Veronica’s surrogate– than the same might be true of Melissa. It’s entirely possible that Mary Drake is also Melissa’s birth mother which would, well, explain a thing or two about the shadiest of sisters. (It would also make Melissa and Bethany cousins. We also know that Melissa and Bethany knew one another because they were seen together That Night. We also know that it was Bethany who broke up Melissa and Wren’s relationship when she called Melissa to tell her some things about Wren. (Like, let’s say, that Wren is crazy in love with her and planning to disguise himself as a British con artist and steal all of Ali’s money at which point Melissa is like okay, I hate you all lol. Hence the Melissa-in-London scene from the five years forward gap.)The Hastings’ and the DiLaurentis’ would go apple picking (“your family has the worst apples”) at the Campbell farm when they were younger, which is where the video found in the Dollhouse took place. If that’s really Mary and baby Spencer in the video with then-Charles and Jason (hinted at by it being Spencer who first sees the video). The same video seems to be Charles’ birthday party, also taking place for some reason on this farm. The owners of the farm had adopted a boy (Andrew Campbell) who probably no longer factors into the end game here but at the very least we can say that Andrew was probably another Radley baby. (There were way too many cribs and stuff in that room Ali leads Spencer into when they’re at Radley.)Bethany and Charles were friends in Radley, at least before Bethany blamed Charles for Toby’s mom’s death. In this theory, they’d actually be cousins, which might help to explain why they stuck together and were friendly. They talk about needing a really great, borderline unbelievable lie to let them have a life just beyond escaping. Later on, we see Charles has transitioned to Charlotte but we have no idea what’s happened to Bethany. All we do know about Bethany might be that she and Ali, the real Cece Drake, liked to swap identities. Who is to say that Bethany didn’t take a cue from that when she wanted to get back at Alison and hatch a plan of her own with Charles? (See: other people’s Charles = Sara Harvey and Cece = Bethany theories.)Clue #WhateverNumberI'mOn: Ali’s clues to Hanna in the hospital. She told Hanna that what got her in trouble was telling the truth to the wrong person at the wrong time. If we assume that the truth Ali is talking about is the NAT Club and since the NAT Club is tied to the DiLaurentis family secrets via Jason and the fact that, well, it’s all about exposing secrets, then what Ali told was dangerous. It’s likely she’s talking about Wilden because a) he’s pretty much the only person who seems like he could be genuinely threatening to Ali and b) Rollins and Mary knew enough to torture Ali by using a Wilden mask and he’s still really relevant to the overall story at this point. (Plus, he’s likely beach hottie because we know Ezra really wasn’t and because, um, Wilden’s in Cape May– in a boat, off the beach– in a picture that suddenly vanishes and he’s also a creep and a half. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and all that.) He’s likely who Ali thought got her pregnant (if it was really just a scare. If she had a kid– Amish doll lover, Eliza? named for Audrey Hepburn stuff being so very Ali?– then the father was Wilden). He’s the guy Ali was running from and that would make sense in an overall story kind of way because Wilden is basically the end of the first episode– he’s the very first A suspect (though he’s likely not Uber A), the very first major clue we have to any of it, and the end of the first episode is basically him threatening the Liars before they get their first A text. Yep. Something afoot with Wilden. It also would explain why Wilden was willing to cover up what appeared to be Ali’s murder. Why is a local beat cop willing to cover up the brutal homicide of a teenage girl? It’s not because some nice rich lady asked him to. It’s because Ali knew way too much. It’s why she ran after planning to fake her death and why Wilden was obsessed with figuring out exactly what happened to her.Finally, there’s how this could tie into other major theories of stuff– namely, the theory that Aria is Uber A. The other major plotline in the flashbacks to before Ali disappeared deals with Aria and her discovery of her father’s affair with Meredith. Ali seems to know about this before Aria does and it’s almost as if she led Aria to see her father and Meredith making out in the car. Ali’s need to throw people’s perceived weaknesses in their faces (Hanna and food; Spencer and drugs; Emily’s closeted homosexuality), it’s no doubt that she had found Aria’s by needling the issues Aria has with her father. (I mean, come on, let’s be serious– Aria’s been dating her teacher for basically the entirety of the show. Her English teacher. Girl’s got some major daddy issues.) But, how would Ali figure that out? Maybe it wasn’t the first time Byron’s dick has gone all Peter Hastings on everybody. Maybe Aria discovered more than just Meredith– maybe she discovered that she had a sibling. A sibling that mental-illness-paranoid Byron was okay with keeping locked up in Radley. A half-sister… and lord, help the mister who comes between Aria and her sister…Byron took the sabbatical in part to try to keep Aria away from Bethany. He got Aria to stay quiet and not tell Ella about any of it– not just Meredith but about Jessica, too. About Bethany. Ali showing Aria that he was at it with Meredith was Ali’s way of trying to say that Byron was a scumbag and his promises that the affair that led to Bethany was just a one-time thing and everything was B.S.. And what happened as a result? We saw Aria’s rage. Her really explosive, intermittent anger– much like her half-sister. We’ve seen it more than once throughout the series. We’ve also seen a few more clues that might hint at this and tie to Ali’s secrets… like, that Charlotte/Bethany says when she was released one year for Christmas, she watched an old movie and had a good time with some family. Like, say, her sister Aria, who is the resident old movie buff of PLL. They likely watched White Christmas and “Lord, help the mister…” was a kind of joke to Aria. Aria in flashbacks is seen as the most disapproving but cowardly of the Liars when it comes to Ali’s antics– she wants to do something but she doesn’t stand up to her. What happens mysteriously when Aria wants to do something but lacks the guts? A seems to solve her problems for her. A writes her mom a letter telling her (part) of Byron’s gross behavior. A started texting Ali threats that are a lot saucier than Aria’s quieter nature. Who is the group’s resident photographer? Aria. What did The NAT Club do? Take video and pictures of people. Who started The NAT Club? Jason. Who has since had a thing with Aria? Jason. Whose red cup was seen on the porch That Night, intimating that she might have been inside with The NAT Club That Night before she pretended to wake up? Pigtunia’s unhinged owner, that’s who. If Aria was NAT, then she was in on everything and a big part of Ali’s problems. Which would explain Ali’s comment to Spencer of “you never know who your friends really are”… and then her look to Aria. It would also explain how when Ali visits a feverish Aria, Aria looks scared and asks Ali if she sees A. Ali says that she does and “so do you” and so do the other Liars, everywhere they turn. She says she’s surprised that Spencer hasn’t figured that out yet. Basically, Ali is saying that one of the Liars is A and the scene implies that it’s Aria and Ali knows it. Anyway, cue all of the other 8 trillion “Aria is A” clues but now look at it with the idea of what her motivation is– the injustice served up to her sister, Bethany. Aria and Ali have been locked in a game over all of this for a very long time and it’s the undercurrent of everything from Aria’s relationship with Jason to the fight for the Carissimi money. Ali thinks its hers and she’s been fighting for it since she was trying to get Jason tossed out of her grandmother’s will before she disappeared. Now Mary Drake (who seems a little too familiar with casserole-happy Aria) and Rollins have shown up trying to get it in Charlotte’s name because it’s what Charlotte/Bethany “would have wanted”– they’re gunning for Ali and the way they go about it? They try to lock her up in a mental institution. Poetic justice for Bethany’s childhood.I think this is why the last episodes will feature the Ezria wedding lead up and be driven by a pro-active Aria. It’s because Aria is Uber A and now she’s on the offensive because a group of her former minions are waging a war against her. That’d be Mona, Caleb, Toby… and maybe, just maybe, even Ezra before all is said and done. It’s full circle because, in the end, it was really always all about Aria versus Ali– hell, the entire pilot is about Aria and Ali– and everyone else, from Mona to Toby to Rollins to Charlotte/Bethany to Mary Drake– is ultimately part of that story. Mona was threatened into taking the fall but was the first (and so far, only) one to figure out that Aria is A– a secret she’s kept for awhile now for a variety of reasons (it would expose her own wrong-doings, it could backfire and hurt Mike, etc..). Lucas is working with Mona, Caleb & Toby– but he’s a double agent, so he’s still giving tapes (from his place) to A. Wren’s involved in some twisty way but is not Uber A. Sara Harvey was Charles. (No, really, she died in a f*cking bathtub… of course she was Charles.) Jenna’s the ultimate red herring. In the end, it comes full circle to Aria being Ali’s biggest problem with her proxy Mona being the one who ultimately helps to take her down. When they say that A.D. emerged after Charlotte’s death– that’s true. The emojis stopped, the gloves came off, and who killed Bethany/Charlotte was all Aria and Rollins and Mary cared about. But Uber A? That full circles back to the very start– to that summer, That Night, the Jenna Thing, the NAT Club, Wilden and Ezra, Mona, the whole nine yards. Ali is Cece Drake and Aria is Uber A. Game over? :) “
Once again, credits go for the user "maryssmith” on Reddit.