November 23, 2017 - Happy Thanksgiving🐔

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We had a great Thanksgiving outside enjoying the weather. We usually have thanksgiving at my mom’s house but my mom is actually in South Korea seeing her sister. I’m so happy that Nyla was able to come and help me out we the food and keeping the kids occupy.

Today we actually felt like a family. I love that feeling and hopefully we can always feel like that everyday. Anyways, I hope you guys had a great day today.


Had fun cooking for my babyboy♡☆

[Make sure the food you prepare is healthy, but tasty. Keep in mind what your little likes and what they dislike.
Let it cool down before you feed them so they don’t burn their mouths.
Let them try to eat on their self’s but always pay attention, otherwise they will make a mess put of your place :D]

Cheer Up Post #5533 - Halloween Ice Cream Edition

For the anon requesting Halloween-themed ice cream, enjoy!

Food Masterpost

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I just... I just wanna talk about Matt Holt for a second.

This kid has been to hell and back. On his first mission into space ever he, along with his father and captain, gets abducted and basically tortured by a homicidal alien race. This boy has never left earth. Up until this point he didn’t even know that there was life outside of earth! So, he’s gotta come to terms with all that, and also with the fact that he is now a prisoner who will probably spend the rest of his now very short life at the mercy of these killers.

Then, he gets separated from his father and Shiro. Shiro saves his life and then he’s gone. His father is sent away and this kid is alone. Like really, truly alone. And from what we learn about him, he seems like a pretty independent, self-assured individual. But he’s got two parents, he’s got a little sister whom he’s really close to, I’m sure he had some close friends too. I don’t think Matt Holt has ever really been alone in his life. But then, suddenly, he is. 

But this kid, man. This kid makes it. He is resilient. Through a series of events, he is freed from his captors. And what does he do? He doesn’t run away, he doesn’t try to go back to earth. He doesn’t break down and let his experience overtake him. He joins a resistance group and fights. Not only does he fight, but he becomes a ranking officer! Like, he doesn’t know any of these aliens from a hole in the wall and they don’t know him. He owes them nothing. But somehow, he feels a duty to stand with them against the ones who took him away from everything he ever knew and everything he ever loved. 

So, he fought and he resisted and made some dangerous enemies. So dangerous, in fact, that it would seem he had to fake his own death and go off-grid so that he wouldn’t be found. Now, this kid is on an unknown planet scouring through transmissions that he can’t really understand hoping to find even hints of clues to defeat the enemy. He is alone once again, in every sense of the word.

This kid should be hard as stone at this point. But when the audience finally gets their first look at him. He’s happy. He’s cheerful. He praises his sister, he flirts with Allura, and he even makes a food pun!

You have a kid who’s been to hell and back. A kid who’s got literal scars from his demons. A kid who, out of all the characters, except maybe Shiro, has had the most traumatic experiences. And yet, he’s still so… bright. He still smiles, and laughs and jokes and appreciates things like how smart his sister is or how pretty a girl is. And I think that’s just pretty fucking amazing.

Guy belittles me..I make him lose over $100K per year.

I am a Purchasing Manager for the city I work in. I have been doing this job for 11 years. We have contracts with various vendors but I want to talk about the company that does all of our dirt/gravel/limestone work. This story happened almost 4 years ago.

When I started we had a contract with this company. I spoke to the owner quite often and he was a pleasant guy. It was a family owned business that had only 4 employees but they were always ready to help the city when we needed. Every year, the owner would drop by and sign the contract before the new year began.

Well, the owner ends up passing away and his son takes over the business. His son had worked for the company right out of high school but ended up going work somewhere else. Came back to take ownership when his dad died. I never met the guy, didn’t know him, but my wife went to high school with him. On his Facebook page, he has pictures of his huge home, 4 vehicles, 3 boats(who the hell needs 3 boats), every ATV and toy imaginable. Just out of curiosity, I check all of the invoices from prior years and saw that we paid this company anywhere from $80K-$200K per year. In the time I was there, I figured out an average of about $140K per year.

So, we were in the middle of our contract when the owner died. I had some property that I wanted to put some mobile homes on so I would need some dirt hauled to my property. I decided to use the same company that the city uses. My wife called the new owner and set everything up for a Monday to haul the dirt and form up the dirt into a pad. It would cost me about $3,000. The mobile home was going to be delivered the Tuesday afternoon.

So, I’m at my property waiting for the guy to show up. Never does. My wife calls him and he says he can’t do the job. Too busy. I find out where he’s at(through connections at my job) and I show up to the site. I didn’t tell him who I was but asked what was going on. He said he had a bigger job to do and wouldn’t be able to get to it. I tell him that I have a mobile home being delivered the next day and I needed the work and had him lined up and he said “You know, what you would have paid me won’t make a dent in my pocketbook.”

I just looked at him and said, “Alright…” and left.

So, I ended up having to call a whole bunch of different places and eventually found a guy that could do the job for me. While him and I are talking, I tell him where I work and he mentions if he could possibly do work for us as a vendor. I get his information down and tell him I’ll be in touch.

I start researching at work and come to find out, we are supposed to holding a bid for that kind of work due to the dollar amount. We just never did because no one else was interested in doing the work.

In December of that year, the new owner calls me up and asks when he can come by and sign the new contract. I inform him that “due to regulations” we have to do a bid process. He seems kind of nervous but I inform him that it’s just a process we have to go through now and he shouldn’t worry because I told him that I doubt any one else would bid. He seemed more at ease and asked how the bid process went. Informed him that I would send him the information and he would need to fill out the bid sheet and come by and drop it off in a sealed envelope by a certain date.

I call the other guy that helped me out and tell him about the bid process. I also informed him that the company we deal with and the prices that they give us already(every information we have is public knowledge so I’m not doing anything wrong) and let him know that he should bid under that.

The day before the bid open date, the new owner of said company comes by and asks for the Purchasing Manager. He doesn’t know my name, but he knows my face. I come in the lobby and his mouth instantly drops. I extend my hand and tell him hi and that I was, in fact, the guy he needed to see. He asks if there are any other bids and I inform him that we didn’t have any others come in yet, which was a lie since I had the other guys bid.

No one comes in for the bid opening, which isn’t required, but the other guy who helped me out ended up winning the bid. I call the new owner to inform him that we had another bid come in last minute before the deadline and they were less so we would have to go with them.

He. Was. Pissed.

He was stuttering and stammering. Telling me that I’m going to be taking food off his kids plate, etc. I told him there was nothing i could do. He went to the public works office and they told him the same thing.

He has lost the bid process every single year. He no longer posts pictures of his “toys” on Facebook and I believe he downsized his home as well.

listen, inspired by this post, imagine if Kara was never found by the Danvers n she just grew up on the street. n tho she has all those powers she would never use them to steal anything other than food when she was a kid before she could get money.

so when she’s a teenager she finds a part-time job and manages to pay for a shitty apartment with basically nothing in it except for one photo of her family that was in her pocket when she landed on Earth. and she would adopt a stray cat that gets in and out of her apartment through the window somehow.

and Lena, being a Luthor, is rich af but she hates her family so she’s going through her rebellious phase and she’s hoping that if she does enough stupid shit that Lillian will get off her back n let her live or ship her off somewhere far from them. so she’s hanging out with some kids who are nothing but trouble just bc Lillian would never approve.

so one day they dare Lena to rob an apartment

Kara comes back from work, exhausted bc she also had school that day on top of it all, and she just wants to take a nap. but she walks into her apartment n there’s this goth girl standing there.

and Lena is just like “you live here?” n Kara isn’t afraid bc she knows she can take down anyone but like why tf is this girl standing in her apartment.

Lena just leaves without a word, and two hours later there’s a knock on Kara’s door. she opens and it’s Lena ordering 5 huge dudes where to put which piece of furniture as Kara just stands there confused. Lena says that it’s a gift but Kara doesn’t wanna accept it. Lena insists n when Kara says that she cannot pay her back Lena says “just let me crash here once in a while and we’re good”

listen i kno it’s a stretch but……… it’s a cute AU.

Lena packing school lunches: a perfectly portioned amount of food from every food group, lots of vegetables, (too much) money to buy milk, occasionally a healthy dessert, and a thoughtful handwritten note on fancy stationary
Kara packing school lunches: 14 twizzlers, leftover whatever they had the night before, 5 PB&J sandwiches (cut into cute shapes), a pack of cookies, the exact right amount of milk money, 17 sticky notes with various smiley faces and hearts on them. One (1) orange because Lena got onto her for not packing healthy

the kid always uses the extra money or food to help out other kids whose family can’t afford enough food

It wasn’t until after GotG2 that I realized how much of a parent thing it is to pretend to eat your kids.

I think all parents do it. I was at a restaurant with my sister-in-law and her kids a couple of weeks after I fell headfirst into GotG fandom, and her four-year-old wouldn’t eat what was on his plate. “Well, if you don’t eat that, I’ll eat you,” she said, leaning over and pretending to nom on his head, to delighted giggles and squeals.

And now I can’t stop noticing it with every set of parents and children I’m around. Mostly with babies and toddlers. Parents pretend to nibble on their kids’ fingers and toes and bellies, or playfully threaten to eat them if they won’t eat their food. And kids LOVE it.

… I’M JUST SAYING, it’s a perfectly normal parent thing that most parents seem to do automatically. And considering that Yondu had nothing like a normal childhood (so his ability to relate to kids in a comprehensible-to-the-child kind of way, or even to figure out what’s appropriate for an 8-year-old vs a 16-year-old vs a 5-year-old, is going to be totally off) AND he’s a terrifying-looking alien monster from Peter’s perspective, I can totally see how what was meant to be a pretty basic Dad Joke could misfire in a way that ended up scarring Peter for life.

BTS reaction to you surprising them with a home cooked meal after a long day of practice


He was excited that he could have an actual meal instead of a cup of ramen.

“Y/N is the real mom of this group.” “This meal was lejindary.”

“Puns are my thing, maknae.”

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You going out of your way to stay up and make them food served as a reminder of how lucky he was to have someone that supports him in his life.

“Thanks for the food, babe.” “Sorry if I pass out soon. I’m really tired.”

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You tried to stay awake until the boys arrived, but you ended up falling asleep on the couch.

When they came home they were greeted by the sight of you sleeping and the food on the table.

Before he joined the other, he took you to his bedroom and tucked you in.

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Rap Monster? More like Eat Monster. He was stuffing as much food as he could in his mouth.

“This is delicious, Y/N.”

“Don’t talk with your mouth open.”

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He’d take advantage of the fact that you stayed up late to make them food so you could baby him.

“Babeee, feed me!!”

“You can you that on your own, Jimin.”

“But I’m tired.” “Pleasee.”

“Get a room!”

“Shut up, Yoongi.”

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He rushed straight to the table, ignoring your presence. Even the rest of his bandmates stopped to thank you before eating.

“I’m glad you like the food, Tae.” At the sound of your voice he looked up to send you a thumbs up, continuing to deepthroat his food.

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He was singing with his mouth full of food. “Oh yeah! Oh yeah! We are eating well.”

“Can you try not having a stroke right above our food, kid?”

“Shut up, hyung. Y/N made the food, and I’m their boyfriend so I can do whatever I want.”

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Y'all are sleeping on some of the parallels this episode


Immature but ultimately lovable rebellious jackass finds a soft spot for a sweet guy who isn’t exactly human. He teaches him what he can about human culture and takes him to get food, despite thinking the kid is a major weirdo. Does this sound familiar??? Clark Barker is basically teenage Dean and Jack is Cas and you cannot tell me otherwise. In a season where we are being introduced to a literal alternate universe we’re shown basically a teenage! Destiel AU. I absolutely cannot get over this.