Adam Perry, drummer for the Bloodhound Gang, makes elaborate artwork out of his daughter’s breakfast every day. He felt sorry for her having to eat two slices of white toast every single morning due to severe allergies, so he started “playing with toast to get her excited about her breakfast again.” Source

DIY Halloween Monster Apple Bites Recipe from Fork and Beans.

***It’s that time of year! My Tumblr blog HalloweenCrafts has begun posting more Halloween DIYs. Some of my posts on HalloweenCrafts are too scary for young children.***

Kids will love these apple monster bites with sunflower seed teeth and strawberry tongues. Go to the link to see how the googly eyes are made.  For more kids’ snacks and food go here: For more Halloween food like spider donuts, 18 Gross Halloween Recipes, snakes on a stick, grilled turtles, spiderweb cakes and Vampire Milkshakes go here:

i honestly think constantly about Dirk Strider and how he’s doing but a favorite scenario i have to ponder would probably be him trying foods after they win the game cause like the dude ate nothing but fish, orange soda, and 400 year old rations before this. how does he react to fresh fruit and vegetables? regular orange juice? fresh baked bread? real actual pasta as opposed to stores of stale top ramen? spicy foods? and im not even just talking about hot stuff i’m talking about real home cooked meals where you can taste the love man.

Kid Snacks!

Apple Ladybug Treats

Cream Cheese Penguins

Ants on a Log

Dragon Eggs

Spooky Spider Snacks

Cow Sandwich

Monkey Sandwich 

Nutella Bears

Vegan Candy Corn

Dog Shaped Hotdog Sandwich 

Octopus Hotdogs 

Mac n Cheese

Vegan Raspberry Icecream

Fresh Fruit Slushies

Juicy Juice Berry 100% Juice

Welch’s Peach Juice 

[ if you’re vegan some of these ingredients can be switched for non-animal products! ]