Perrie: Since that wasn’t exactly the way you wanted to to do that, how did you want to do it then?

Imogen: Well, I was going to hide the ring in your food, but the kids were being so annoying that I got distracted and forgot. It sounds a bit silly now that I say it out loud, doesn’t it?

Perrie: Sounds more like a choking hazard to me. Hey, you know you just proposed to me in front of a bathroom, right?

Imogen: Well you just accepted my proposal in front of a bathroom, so I guess we’re even.
A summer at camp exposes Ugandan Jews to America’s food and kids
For the 13 Ugandans working as counselors at Reform overnight camps, it was a summer of fun and culture shock.

Nambi and Nabaggala, both in their second year as staff at Coleman, were two of 13 Ugandan Jews who came to the United States this summer to work as counselors at Reform overnight camps. They are part of an initiative by the Union for Reform Judaism to strengthen connections between Ugandan and American Jews.

“This may have been the first time they realized there were Jews in a place like Uganda,” Dan Lange, URJ’s associate director of camping, said of the campers. “Our commitment is to exposing the kids to global Jewry — not only to know they exist, but to interact with them.”

Adam Perry, drummer for the Bloodhound Gang, makes elaborate artwork out of his daughter’s breakfast every day. He felt sorry for her having to eat two slices of white toast every single morning due to severe allergies, so he started “playing with toast to get her excited about her breakfast again.” Source

Kid Snacks!

Apple Ladybug Treats

Cream Cheese Penguins

Ants on a Log

Dragon Eggs

Spooky Spider Snacks

Cow Sandwich

Monkey Sandwich 

Nutella Bears

Vegan Candy Corn

Dog Shaped Hotdog Sandwich 

Octopus Hotdogs 

Mac n Cheese

Vegan Raspberry Icecream

Fresh Fruit Slushies

Juicy Juice Berry 100% Juice

Welch’s Peach Juice 

[ if you’re vegan some of these ingredients can be switched for non-animal products! ]