I honestly don’t think anything could make me more livid than some rich white fucker saying that children shouldn’t be given free meals in school because they’re not creating “results.”

Fuck you. I don’t give one single fuck if food actually helps kids learn. The result I am looking for is that the child is no longer starving. Hunger is a problem in and of itself and you solve hunger with food. End of story. Also go fuck yourself.

Cooking Shows I’d Want To Watch:
  • Two chefs are given what the average person visiting a food shelf for a family of four might be given. They must make five delicious meals from it, with a little help from the /very/ limited (Flour, salt, black pepper, red pepper, garlic powder, sugar, baking soda), pantry, within the thirty minute time limit.
  • Chefs who don’t normally cook kosher are given a quick lesson in what is kosher. They are then given a basket of theme ingredients, or maybe an Iron Chef style single ingredient, and they must make a delicious meal from it while following the rules of kosher within the thirty minute time limit.
  • The chef is given a judging panel of four people with dietary restrictions, either due to allergies, or religious or moral reasons. They must make a meal that the whole panel can eat and enjoy in the thirty minute time limit.
  • Michelin star rated chefs are pitted against each other, having to cook dishes, 3-7 year old children and their parents, both enjoy. So the parents can’t influence the kids to try stuff, the panels are served separately.
  • Anthony Bourdain, and Gordon Ramsay. Sesame Street. Basically, Gordon Ramsay and Anthony Bourdain compete against each other for a panel of judges in a format similar to Iron Chef. The secret ingredient is some kind of vegetable or other food kids don’t eat. The Sesame Street muppets, probably either Abby Cadabby, Big Bird, Elmo, or Cookie Monster, play the role of the floor reporters, Kermit, Bert, and Ernie are the commentators. The panel of judges, a group of young children, decide the winner. Whomever wins gets $10,000 to donate to a children’s related charity of their choice.

Gregoire Tillery gave up his job in corporate America and spent all his money on buying a food truck (which broke down on him immediately).

Luckily, due to perseverance, a friend with a lot of followers and some incredibly delicious chicken and shrimp recipes, he has made it onto the prestigious Canal Street. Playing old school tunes and advertising demos by local talent, We Dat’s Chicken and Shrimp is a hub for the community, where Gregoire has given free food to kids in the neighbourhood.

Full video here


Had fun cooking for my babyboy♡☆

[Make sure the food you prepare is healthy, but tasty. Keep in mind what your little likes and what they dislike.
Let it cool down before you feed them so they don’t burn their mouths.
Let them try to eat on their self’s but always pay attention, otherwise they will make a mess put of your place :D]


Trump budget director says food aid programs for kids, elderly not showing “results”

  • White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney defended proposed cuts to food-aid programs Monday by arguing that there’s scant proof they work.
  • Mulvaney sparked accusations of callousness and hypocrisy in his defense of Trump’s proposed $1.15 trillion budget when he said after-school programs that feed hungry kids don’t have proven impact.
  • “There’s no demonstrable evidence they’re actually helping results, they’re actually helping kids do better in school,” Mulvaney told reporters.
  • The director was similarly bullish on Meals on Wheels, saying it was among programs that “were just not showing any results.”
  • According to CNN, Meals on Wheels served 219.4 million meals in 2015. Read more (3/16/17 6:37 PM)  
Not an everyday food

I ran a Hero Kids adventure for my sons for the first time ever. The Knight (7 years old) and the Storm Mage (5 years old) had just rescued the innkeeper’s son (NPC) from the Basement o'Rats. 

Inkeeper’s Son: “Oh I’m so grateful! I’m getting you as much ice cream as you can eat for free, all week long!”

Storm Mage: “I don’t like ice cream.”

Knight: “Ice cream is not an everyday food.”

Me, OOC: “… who are you and what did you do to my sons?”

Storm Mage, OOC: “It’s only pretend!”

Knight, OOC: “Don’t worry, you can take us to the ice cream parlour later and we’ll prove it’s really us!”

Voltron characters as things I've said
  • Allura: "Why marry rich when you can be rich? Scam those men, wear those heels and be a boss ass bitch"
  • Coran: "My secret ingredient for delicious food is love...just kidding, it's MSG"
  • Lotor having a mildly okay hair day: "They were right, I am worth it. L'Oreal, where my sponsor at?!?!?"
  • Shiro: "I've been playing hide and seek with happiness for quite awhile now"
  • Lance: "This dude really thought he could get me! like, how can you treat me right if you can't get 3 stars in Mario Kart 8"
  • Keith: "What do you mean 'in a committed relationship with anger' isn't valid?"
  • Pidge: "They said what you love the most will destroy you. False. My computer would never betray me"
  • Hunk, talking about chicken nuggets: "And I swear... it was love at first bite"
  • bonus
  • Matt, holding up a bottle of sodium hydroxide: "you could say i'm pretty basic!" *badum tss*
  • Shay: "No don't eat so many sweets, you already have me"
Got fired because of a shoplifter

I was working at a specialty foods store, and some little kid stole two wine bottles from the place, I didn’t see him because I was helping an elderly customer take their cart of food back to their car.

I was chewed out by my supervisor, and yet the security guard of our store was right there and didn’t do anything to stop that kid. The manager said “Don’t make this about him, this was on you!”. I told the manager “I was helping a customer, I am not qualified to stop a shoplifter!”

Long story short, I was fired, and that lazy guard kept his job (he just got written up for letting it happen). I was a pre 90 day employee, and in a “[Fire] At Will Employment State” like California, I guess it’s no surprise. Just another reason I am moving out of this state.

Ceres Signs as Moms

Aries: that active mom who encourages their kids to do the Most™; a good amount of stern and fun and very protective. their humor rubs off on their kids as well as their ability to be self-reliant. would probably take their kids on a hike
Taurus: can baby their kids a bit; will always make sure their kids are fed and safe. that mom who will always hug and kiss their kids before school. the drinks wine in bubble bath mom
Gemini: mom who helps their kids with homework and has a schedule on fridge; can’t TAKE when things go wrong. may be the one to lecture their kids on the history of coffee while at starbucks
Cancer: y'all already know this is the total Mom sign, definitely domestic and will try to have a clean house and lots of food ready for their kids. super sentimental, probably has 20 family albums they go through every month. can sometimes be overbearing
Leo: loves to encourage their kids, not always great at emotional support but they try their best. the mom that will buy their kids anything, has independent kids.
Virgo: can be that perfectionist (i bet y'all saw that coming) mom who expects their kids to succeed at everything. this can either be really good or really bad depending on the kids and how the virgo goes about it. their kids are the ones who grow up the fastest. very proud of their kids and teaches them to take pride in their work as well. mom who freaks out when their kids get sick.
Libra: diplomatic mom who has to make sure their family seems perfect to everyone else. does lots of small things to show how much they care. best mannered kids in the zodiac. likes to buy stuff for their kids and takes them out all the times
Scorpio: the mom who loves to help their kids through serious issues, may be strict at times. the mom with a curfew. hates when their kids talk back, may become closed off emotionally if there’s a family issue. nurturing is a 2 way street here, they will help you with anything but they have to feel like they’re happy first
Sagittarius: like aries they may not be the best at emotional insight but they show their love through helping their kid succeed. loves to teach their kids and gives advice even before they’re asked for it. encourages kids to reach for the stars and explore all their options
Capricorn: definitely a strict mom but does it out of love. they’re the moms who will make their kids stay on the path towards success and tries to let them know how rewarding it is to succeed. if they don’t feel successful they can get pretty depressed and this can rub off on their kids. the mom who drives their kids to debate everyday and will stress the importance of college.
Aquarius: another sign where emotional intimacy is very difficult. they want their kids to be independent and lead their own lives first and foremost. lectures their kids about stuff but not in a reprimanding way. their rebelliousness can definitely rub off on their kids. the mom who tells their kids to not worry about what others think. if they feel stressed they could close off from everyone despite being a very social sign.
Pisces: artsy mom who is very compassionate. they are supportive and will always talk through anything with their kids, but if they feel stressed themselves they can create this dynamic where the kids have to take care of them.
* sorry if you can’t relate to these and if you don’t know your ceres sign use sun or 4th house *