Happy Chinese New Year!! I made this drawing of one of my favorite memories: when I got to travel to Thailand back in 2011, and celebrated the lunar new year with all my extended family over there. I miss them all so much, but will always remember their kindness and generosity (AND ALL THE DELICIOUS FOOD!!!). Gouache on paper, 11" x 14".

Weekend in Waiheke

Casita Miro

[ s p a c e ]

Waiheke Community Art Gallery

Waiheke Island is half an hour trip by sea and provides a sweet escape to Auckland city dwellers such as me, which is why I love coming back to this island. This visit’s accidental agenda included exploring art galleries, dining on Spanish tapas, walking on the Onetangi beach by sunset, and ending the day by watching Spirited Away under the sky. Spent my birthday in Waiheke with no itinerary in mind and I’m glad the day turned out better than one could hope for. Can’t wait to go back as there’s so much more to explore!

P.S. Happy Chinese New Year!

Commission: Mid-thigh traditional linework + digital flat color & highlights for Indrapyre@FA I really love this guy, his name is Marty!! (something like this runs for $35USD and up)

I do a lot of test runs for commissions via FA first… mostly because I’m used to it there, plus most of the critter folk are adorable and sweet. The 2nd run for these things will be advertised over here, too! 😺


Hello everyone! I’ve opened up regular commissions again! YAY! I tried my best to balance a good range of prices with a non-overwhelming number of options, haha.

Please read the following if you’re interested! If you can’t afford/don’t want commissions right now, signal boosts are appreciated! Thanks so much!

Prices are in USD (Paypal only!) and are based on how long it takes me to draw the thing. See below for the specifics! Note: I may charge extra if I can tell right away that it will be exceptionally difficult for me to draw or will take me much longer than normal to finish. If that’s the case, I’ll be sure to let you know before I start drawing and give you an accurate price quote up front. As for subject matter…

I will gladly draw:

  • OCs/Fan Characters
  • Fanart/Fandom stuff
  • Furries/Anthro
  • Body Hor.ror/Mild (as long as it’s not super intense; if you’re not sure, just ask!)
  • Mecha (with sufficient references)
  • Creatures (monsters/dragons/large animals etc)

I am NOT comfortable drawing:

  • Po.rn (sorry!)


A “bust” includes the head and upper chest, and sometimes an arm if the character design is simple enough. “Fullbody” is the whole character.

As for non-humanoid characters, “bust” includes small, simple animals (think something like Pikachu or a house cat), while “fullbody” includes larger animals like a horse or a dragon.

SKETCH - Loose and fluid with simple flat coloring. (I don’t have many examples of sketches on hand, sorry! I tend to post more finished drawings.)

Bust: $10 (+$5 extra char.)
Fullbody: $16 (+$8 extra char.)
Page: $25 (default monochrome - ask for quote for full color)
Background: solid/pattern/color splashes only

PAINTED - Clean lines and full shading with textures and effects.

Bust: $25 (+$15 extra char.)
Fullbody: $45 (+$25 extra char.)
Background: (+$10-20 depending on complexity)

OTHER - If you have something else in mind, just ask! 

(Art Blog / Personal Blog Art Tag

I’ve done plenty of pieces that were done in a style different from most of my other work. Like the style of a specific piece I’ve done in the past and want me to repeat it? Link me to it and I can give you a price quote!


Please include:

  • “Commission: [your name/tumblr URL]” in the subject line of the email
  • short description of what you’d like
  • Any visual references you have. Descriptions are OK, but I need something visual to go along with that in order to know what you mean! Image search results will also work if you don’t have anything/don’t draw. 
  • Optional: any extra details about the commission itself that you’d like me to know (whether you want transparent/solid/patterned background, a deadline you want me to finish by, specific dimensions so you can use it for your phone/desktop wallpaper, etc)
  • Where to send the invoice, as well as the final high-res digital file, if not the email you used to contact me. 

I usually have my phone on me so I can see email alerts, but sometimes I’m easier to reach on tumblr - send me an ask/IM to let me know you sent an email about commissions if I don’t respond quickly.

Thanks for reading this far! Again, signal boosts are very much appreciated to help me get the word out if you’re not interested in commissions right now.

Thanks so much for your support! <3

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Probably been already asked, but can you cook? If so what's your favorite meal?

“…I can cook… barely… even after all those years I am not that good at it… I used to have my preferences back in Ionia but… as of today, my favorite meal is pretty much whatever isn’t prepared by me…”