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I just wanted to let all my followers, especially those who are strapped for cash, know that Pizza Hut is running a deal now through 1/9/17 where if you order online, their pizzas are half price.

This is also a friendly reminder of what I posted with the last pizza deal- you can freeze pizza and it keeps for a long time (like 2 months for best quality but I’m sure you can keep it for longer before it gets funky) and if you reheat it in the oven (375-400 Fahrenheit on foil) it’s like new. It’s a great budget food to have around especially if you’re in an unstable situation and may not be able to afford food in the future.


i got @whelvenwings to wear a kebaya and make flower crowns in my village! she also taught me how to cook pasta and it 👏🏻 was 👏🏻 HELLA 👏🏻 DELISH 👏🏻

Why do we believe that it is possible to live off of minimum wage in America?

Prices in 2014:

Cost to rent a home: $1200/month
Cost of College Tuition: $10,000/year
Cost of a first-class stamp: $0.49
Cost of a gallon of regular gas: $2.75
Cost of a dozen eggs: $1.98
Cost of a gallon of Milk: $3.15

If you make minimum wage you make $7.25/hr in a 40hr work week that is $290. You would make $1,160/month. THAT IS NOT EVEN ENOUGH TO PAY FOR RENT.

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Over 100,000 Protesters and Strikers in Petrograd on International Women’s Day

Protesters in the International Women’s Day march.  “If woman is a slave there will be no freedom.  Long live equal rights for women.”

March 8 1917, Petrograd [St. Petersburg]Conditions in Petrograd had reached a tipping point in early March.  The severe winter that had caused so many problems in Germany did the same in Russia. Food prices skyrocketed, and shortages were frequent.  Announcements on March 4 that rationing would soon be implemented caused panic buying and a small amount of violence.  However, the cold weather discouraged discontent from spilling out onto the streets in any major fashion.

This changed on March 8, when the temperature rose to around freezing; over the next week, it would range between 23 and 46 °F, unseasonably warm by Petrograd standards.  March 8 was also International Women’s Day (observed on the same day as in the West despite the differences in calendars).  Large crowds of women marched along Nevsky Prospect in good order, though watched carefully by patrolling Cossacks on horseback.

Across the Neva, female textile workers went on strike to protest the lack of bread; by the afternoon, joined by their male colleagues, over 100,000 were on strike.  They attempted to join the marchers by crossing the river, but were prevented from doing so by bridge after some clashes with the police.  Most went home, but several thousand crossed on the ice.

The crowds gathered around city hall, but were not dispersed by the Cossacks.  The troops and horses were inexperienced in dealing with crowds, and they had not been given the whips that they would normally use to beat back the crowds.  Thinking that the Cossacks had been cowed, the marchers were emboldened in the coming days.

Today in 1916: Kut Relief Force Muddles Attack at Dujaila
Today in 1915: Emperor Franz Joseph Agrees to Offer Territory to Italy

Sources include: Richard Pipes, The Russian Revolution; Orlando Figes, A People’s Tragedy.

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Bucky and Steve are constantly APPALLED at the 21st century's food prices. "WHY does organic mean i gotta pay $5 more dollars for it?! They pumped a shit ton of chemicals in me and i turned out JUST FINE" Nat: "steven, pls"

I think they’re just shocked by disproportionate inflation in general. “WHADDA YA MEAN KIDS HAVE GOTTA TAKE OUT $200K IN LOANS AND WORK THREE JOBS TO GO TO SCHOOL???”