Food Earrings

1d as cats

Harry- only eats organic wet food, meows in your ear all night and kneads at your face when you’re trying to sleep. Scratches up your jeans, his favorite toy is your boot.

Niall- sits by the food dish and meows, scratches up the furniture, he’ll climb up a tree and meow for help because he’s too fucking scared to get down even though he got his ass up there, paws at everyone of your instruments, you can’t let him out because he’ll impregnate the neighbor’s cat, sleeps under your arm

Liam- wants your attention at the most inappropriate times (sits on your feet while you’re sitting on the toilet), knocks over your glass and gives you sad eyes when you scold on him, chases butterflies, leaves dead birds at your door

Louis- knocks everything down (everyTHinG), pees everywhere but the litter box, will fucking kill you if you even think about bathing him, paws at a bug and jumps ten miles into the air when it moves, lays on your chest and chews on your hair, he’s always places he doesn’t need to be (“how the hell did you’re cat get on the ceiling fan”)


Zayn- licks at your armpits, sleeps on your windowsill, is more than content to just sit in your lap and let you pet him, don’t let him near the neighbor’s cat (don’t do it), falls down the stairs often