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Mc gets drunk and stares at their S.O. For a little bit and just starts SOBBING. Like they are ugly crying and when asked what's wrong MC rants that they love their S.O. so much and how they think their beautiful and the best thing to happen to them "I just have a lot of feelings!"

Anon said: This might be a bit random, but how would the RFA react to going to a nightclub with MC and seeing her transform into a complete party animal? Like she drinks a lot of cocktails, dances to all the songs (and maybe with total strangers…) and won’t leave when it closes?

We combined these! Disclaimer, neither one of us know much about nightclubs or drinking, since we don’t drink. But hope these were funnyish anyway!


  • He handles his alcohol really well, so when he took you to a nightclub, he fully expected to be taking care of you
  • Only he didn’t realize you got so wild when you were drunk
  • He catches you dancing across from some guy
  • You weren’t dancing really…more like some weird zig-zag dance
  • But his jealousy flared and he confronts the guy
  • The latter is just weirded out, “I’m not hitting on her! I’m trying to get her to stop doing that–weird ritual dance on me!”
  • Zen has to admit your dancing is pretty…interesting
  • Later, when you guys get home, you’re a lot calmer and just lay on the couch staring at the ceiling
  • Then you turn to him and narrow your eyes, “There is no way anybody can look that good.”
  • He’s about to thank you when you start crying and hugging him
  • “Your face needs to be on a cereal box!”
  • “Thanks, babe…I think.”


  • He doesn’t drink anything at the club, because he knows how he can get
  • You’re apparently just as bad
  • He’s a lost puppy following you around and trying to make sure you don’t do anything too wild
  • “No, MC! Not on the table! Stop dancing with that chair. MC, that’s not your drink!”
  • He’s relieved when he finally gets you home
  • You start asking him a billion questions….really random questions
  • “Do parrots think in chirps or in words?”
  • “Um…Chirps?”
  • You throw your arms around his neck and start sobbing into his shoulder
  • “You’re so smart, I don’t deserve you!”
  • You wipe your snot on his shoulder
  • “I really don’t deserve this right now, that’s for sure,” he mutters under his breath


  • You two decided to have a girl’s night and have a little fun
  • It got to be a lot of fun really fast
  • You both were drunk within the first few hours
  • Jaehee knew it was time to leave when she thought you were dancing with a stranger
  • But the stranger was her
  • You pile into a taxi and head home
  • You’re sitting on the couch listening to Jaehee complain about work
  • And you say, “I guess this job isn’t your cup of tea.”
  • Your eyes get wide and you starts sobbing, “I’m sorry! You like coffee! I offended you!”
  • Jaehee is less drunk by this point and is just laughing, which somehow makes your crying worse
  • You start showering her with compliments
  • But she can’t decipher half of them, because she’s tipsy and your words are so lost in sobbing
  • But looking back later, she still thinks it’s the funniest night of her life


  • It was just a social thing with Jumin’s coworkers
  • But he didn’t want to go to a nightclub alone, so you go along with him
  • He stays near the corner, but he tells you to go enjoy yourself
  • You were usually pretty calm and put together, so he was surprised when you downed yet another cocktail
  • And he really didn’t realize you could dance like that
  • It was getting late, you were getting a bit too wild, and he needed you off the dance floor
  • Cue him fist pumping towards you so he “blends in”
  • He manages to get you back to the car, and you seemed quiet for a while
  • Then he notices tears streaming down your cheeks and gets a little worried
  • But you’re just like, “I’ve never seen you dance before….you’re so good!”
  • Awkward flashbacks to Jumin’s stiff fist pumping
  • He starts chuckling
  • But it gets worse, because you start crying more, “Why can’t I model for your cat food?”
  • You make ears using your fingers and meow really loudly
  • Jumin is laughing so hard that Driver Kim is really worried


  • You were just having a night out with your friends
  • And you catch Seven sitting at the bar with a ginger-ale
  • “Why are you even here? You don’t drink…”
  • “When have I ever needed a drink to have fun, MC?”
  • Touche
  • Turns out he was just on a mission, so you make a joke that you would drink for him
  • And you sure did
  • He’s about to leave when he sees you dancing wildly to “Eyes, Nose, Lips” by Taeyang
  • He snickers and decides it might be a good time to take you home
  • He walks you inside, and as soon as you step into your house, you charge towards the kitchen
  • He thinks it might be entertaining, so he whips out his phone and starts recording
  • He watches with barely suppressed laughter as you pile cheese on top of goldfish crackers
  • You’re narrating it through your drunk sobbing like you’re on a cooking show making grilled cheese while throwing in how he’s such a good friend
  • And he’s encouraging every second of it

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