Chauskoskis: Fox McFloyd

Кастом дизайнера Chauskoskis на базе фигурки Fonzo для выставки “FONZO Loves UK Custom show”. Так же в комплекте идет гитара и небольшой усилитель, который можно подключить к айподу. Их Уолтер придумал добавить в самом конце, поэтому они не попали в фотосет, но засветились на небольшом видео.

an old friend. by FONZOMBIE on Flickr.

I remember when Fonzo first started doing these, he always had these ingenious ideas but this was one of his great ones that didn’t get us chased or into a fight. One of the first nights I saw him do one of these, we snuck into this new type of building getting built around the inner city called a “Condo” right off where the Brown line and the Red line split, we got out on to the small back porch of the top floor and each took a side, I didn’t see what he did until we were done, this was one of the first times  I saw him do this dinosaur/lizard character, this was all pre my being to SF and seeing anything by Twist or Reminisce, showing how ahead of the game Fonzo really was. They eventually just built the condo and never buffed the throwies so both our throws floated there for years  on private property fading  through Chicago’s mega buff era and then eventually one day randomly getting buffed.



Ian Ziobrowski’s submission for the Fonzo Loves NY show at MyPlasticHeart in New York starting tonight!

Title: “Fonzo Growhouse”

Materials: Acrylic, sculpty, wood, plastic, LEDs Price: $700

The Fonzo Growbot, is one of the many interesting grow facilities created by NUGGs.  This old scrapy robotic, piece of junk is completely self reliable.  Produces its own energy, gather’s its own water, and feeds its own plants.  Once every 3 months NUGGS come’s back around to gather his greens, and the cycle continues on, as long as there’s no interferences.