March 8

Cooking with friends

Torres Viña Sol Catalunya 08

This white wine made from the Parellada grape is a big yes - so fragrant and lovely and lively.

For much less than $10 a bottle, it’s a wonder that this wine makes any profit at all. But I won’t go on record for ever questioning the Torres empire.

Fontanafredda Barolo 04

Food-friendly, but not necessarily priced at a food-friendly rate. If I had this bottle every time I cooked at home, it’d be Kraft dinners and wieners from now on. Of course, at the price it sells, it is still the cheapest of the cheap Barolos.

For lovers of Pinot. Pale looking, with a slight whiff redolent of undergrowth and spice. Like most Nebbiolo I’ve had, it nurtures your meal over the long haul – it’s medium-bodied, with arcs of acid and it’s got some umami to it. I really do think umami when I taste Nebbiolo, though it’s a term used for food, and used inconsistently at that (because there is still a lot of disagreement about how to best translate the Japanese word). Perhaps the best wine tasting term to convey what I mean is complexity. And maybe complex is in the running for what umami really means.

Autumn vineyard on Flickr.

Tramite Flickr:
Alba - Italy.
The Langhe is a hilly area to the south and east of the river Tanaro in the province of Cuneo in Piedmont, northern Italy.
It is famous for its wines, cheeses, and truffles—particularly the white truffles of Alba.
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Fotografi matrimonio Asti - A&T

Fotografi matrimonio Asti – A&T

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Servizio fotografico di matrimonio Asti e ricevimento alla tenuta di Fontanafredda Dopo un po’ di serate assieme passate tra il centro di Milano e La zona dei Navigli è arrivato il momento di fotografare questo matrimonio. In mezzo a tante fotografie che mi piacciono molto ce ne sono alcune che mi hanno colpito di più…e in cui riconoscevo di più il loro modo di essere, guardarsi… L’atmosfera…

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Meet My Italian Friends Kris and Briccotondo

Meet My Italian Friends Kris and Briccotondo #Barbera and #PinotGrigio cc @trialtoBC

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It’s nice having friends. My latest two friends that I was introduced to by Trialto Wine Group hail from Italy; KRIS is from delle Venezie and Briccotondo from Piemonte.  Both like to enjoy food and wine experiences, and hope you enjoy them too.

KRIS is KRIS Pinot Grigio IGT, 2013 from the delle Venezie region, which is known for their Pinot Grigios.  Briccotondo is Fontanafredda Briccotondo…

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Fontanafredda estate and winery in Piedmont, Italy has been the benchmark for Barolo and Barbera wines since 1878. Among the prized vineyard sites belonging to Fontanafredda are those in the commune of Serralunga d’Alba, a source of some of today’s most distinctive and intriguing Barolo wines.

Currently, all estate vineyards are managed to achieve a “zero chemical” program, using only natural methods for fertilization and pest control. The Fontanafredda vineyard team is working with their grower partners across the region to transition them to the same eco-friendly farming standards. The Fontanafredda estate operates as a refuge for a wide array of local flora and fauna.

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