Designer Creates A Font That Emulates The Frustrations Of Dyslexia

Unlike most fonts, which prioritize easy and swift readability, graphic designer Daniel Britton’s recent creation does just the opposite. Meant to raise awareness for dyslexia, the font strips letters of their qualities that make them easily recognizable. An “A” is transformed to resemble an upside-down “V”; a “D” is turned into a backwards “C.” The result is a jumble of shapes that takes extra time and concentration to interpret.


29 Fonts Completely Free! Download Exclusively on Betype.

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So that’s it.

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Fabrik Typeface by Fabian Fohrer

“Fabrik is a slightly edged sans-serif typeface designed by Fabian Fohrer. The aim was to create a contemporary typeface with some unique letterforms, based on the principle of contrast. Fabrik is available in two styles — Regular and Bold. ”

Fabian Fohrer is a design enthusiastic born in 1994. He is realizing smaller and larger projects focused on branding and corporate design during his graphic design studies in Constance, Germany.

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Font Bundle: More than 30 Lovely fonts - Insane 92% off!

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