Fonda Theatre


“I hated the first season. I did! I actually had a nervous breakdown. I would get up every morning, dreading going to work. I would have nightmares about going to work. I hated my character. If I was asked to write a backstory for her, I wouldn’t know one thing to say. So I went to see a psychiatrist. I told him my problem. That I felt stuck and that I was gonna leave the profession again. I was already like 75 by now… I spent twelve hours in therapy and then he asked me to invite Grace into the room and talk to Grace. And I fell in love with Grace. And I discovered that what it was is… in the first season began by us being abandoned by our husands and that triggerd me - and I went right down that dark hole. But from then on, it’s a joy. It’s an absolute joy.” - Jane Fonda at the Savoy Theatre (15th October, 2017)


October 11, 2017 I got to be apart of a very special VIP experience with YouTube for Demi’s documentary Simply Complicated. It was absolutely beyond words. I’m still shocked. We started our day at the DREAM hotel in Los Angeles where we got to be in the guest house with an INCREDIBLE view! for a fan pre party before the premiere they had a candy bar, snacks, merch, wooden signs that we each got to write our own personal message on, bubble machine that basically blew out so many bubbles it made us sticky! But the bubble machine part was honestly my favorite. They had a full on Glam Squad That did our hair and makeup, Demi music of course, an amazing team from YouTube that gave us an incredible experience along with a professional photographer to follow us around all day and take photos of us EVERY second. We headed to beauty & Essex for a meal that included 11 different main courses with 2 different desserts. We got to ride in a party bus to the Fonda theatre, watch the red carpet, got in a group photo with Demi for the carpet, got in another group photo with Demi backstage, got front row for Simply Complicated, and ended the night watching Demi perform two songs while I was in front row holding onto the barricade. It honestly was the best demi experience on my entire LIFE I can’t believe it all actually happened. I have so many photos to share just too many to post all at once but here’s a few of them and I’m just honestly so happy.


Bruno singing ‘Let Love Rule’ at the Fonda Theatre with Lenny Kravitz


Seeing Less Than Jake again last was amazing, again. They called me out and had me come up on stage to dance around, again. This time though rather than head banging with my friend Jason I did some dirty dancing with Cindy and two other spandexed women (whose names I didn’t catch) from the backstage area. Bumping, grinding, quite a few butt touches. Kind of awkward at some points but awesomely fun on and off stage. A few of you will actually be surprised to hear that I was in the circle quite a bit. Hopefully I can find a video somewhere to embarrass myself with