Folsom Lake


California Reservoir Drops to 17 Percent Capacity

Picture: The composite image above shows Northern California’s Folsom Lake on July 20, 2011, left, and Jan. 16, 2014, right. The reservoir, 25 miles northeast of Sacramento, has shrunk from 97 percent capacity in 2011, to just 17 percent capacity this past January, according to a news release from the California Department of Water Resources (DWR). NASA is combining forces with DWR to combat and understand future droughts.`



California is facing a drought. There hasn’t been rain in 45 days, and when there was rain it wasn’t much. Today we went out to see Folsom Lake (now named Folsom Pond). There is a 1/3 of the water that should be there and it is the lowest it’s been in my lifetime. It is surreal, and very scary. Our water comes from this lake. If it is this way in January I’m afraid of what it’ll be in July.

There are remnants of old buildings that were there before Folsom Dam was built. We went out for a hike to see the remnants, but to also show our kiddos the lake level. This could be something they’ll be telling their kids and grandkids one day.

We walked about mile and half total. (I forgot to start Nike+ at the start and forgot to turn it off when I got in the car at the end.) I thought the map was neat though, showing how we were walking underwater.