Anti-Honesty Night

I saw this thing a while ago and thought it would be fun. Basically, ask me anything and I will reply with a blatant lie.
If you have a serious question that must be answered truthfully tonight, I suggest messaging me or saying so in your ask.

Ideas for Anti-Honest Asks:
1. Why do you run this blog?
2. What are you doing with your life?
3. What am I doing with my life?
4. Who is the next president of the US?
5. Where is the equator?

Feel free to make up your own! Anti-Honest posts will be tagged as such.


Oh dang, I’m almost at 1,300 followers!


To the people who came here originally for fanfic and fandom, I’m sorry fam. Someday I will finish AGBL, Howl, and continue on with Borrowed Things, I swear. I want to, I love those stories so much. Kids Movies? It’s over, it’s done kids, I may one shot in there someday but naw.

To the people here for World of Warcraft stuff wtf are you following me here, my rp journal is @eldritchdiplomacy

To everyone else, I adore you, thank you for not being a porn blog, thank you for enjoying my spookiness and randomness and shameless selfies.

You’re great.

Sorry everyone. I just needed to vent and I probably will more after I take more shots.

Anyway I am so thankful you all follow me and interact with me especially with all the growing and shit I have done over the last year or so.

Love you all. Proud of you all. Glad we all are on this journey and going on about our lives. Drink your water. 💙