Demigod AU: Children of Apollo

Current Known Sons of Apollo:

  • Lev Haiba 
  • Hinata Shoyou

  • These boys are literal rays of sunshine since birth from their light hair to their pure personalities. Hinata’s joy is contagious and warms the hearts of everyone around him. You can’t help but to feel as if you’re standing next to the sun when around him. Lev is playful and carefree, he can’t help but welcome everyone into his life with open arms.
  • People flock to them like moths to a flame, everyone wanted to be friends and get to know them. Call it a perk of having Apollo as a father.
  • Hinata and Lev’s skin is always warm and soft to the touch.
  • If you look closely, a halo of golden light follows them and engulfs their bodies that gives it a radiant look.
  • Like their father, Hinata and Lev have the ability to heal rapidly from any injuries they may induce which is good because they get bruises and cuts often due to the activities they participate in.
  • Light manipulation is a part of their demigod palette which allows him to control light energy at will. Depending on how it is used, it can be used for healing or attacks.
  • When it comes to hot sunny days, their mood increases. Their bodies are much more suitable to higher temperature than others. 
  • It doesn’t just stop with appearances, children of Apollo make great archers. Their hand to eye coordination is precise, and always know where to hit the mark.
  • There are different forms to art that they are good at. Lev is actually decent at drawing while Hinata can dance. He may not be the best, but he has the ability to improve since his father is the God of the arts as well.
  • When angered, you may want to wear sunglasses around them because their body will literally start to glow unless they are calmed down.

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*[The sound of a slow, steady stomp could be heard in the dstance. Followed by a feint yellow light shining]

Normally she’d be very concerned with the stomping and the strange light. She would probably hide away, as was in her nature to do. But at the moment she just felt sick. She didn’t really want to run or hide, she just wanted to stay put until this was all over. So she’d stay put for the moment, looking over at where the light was coming from curiously. 

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