love you guys ! I hope I have placed everybody! You motivate me to continue! <3

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anonymous asked:

Besides yours, what are some good WTNV blogs to follow?

aww, you flatter me anon! okay um in no particular order

  • astrogyaru-art, orcapie and nikipaprika are all art blogs that aren’t Night Vale specific, but have really awesome art, and really helped me come a long way into the social justice calloutter I am today, niki in particular. They also discuss NV on their personals a fair bit. I group them together because I find they come in a very important triad to me personally.
  • Also part of this inner circle are whimsicalcircles (fittingly enough), words-are-vibrations, and trans-carlos, all of whom lean more towards the call-out side than the contribution side, but all have very good points to make when collective-they do.
  • EDIT: also khoshekher
  • consensualnightvale is always very important when you want to get away from “Cecil/Carlos would totally quash his boyfriend’s out-there fashion sense” / “Cecil would rather Carlos die than cut his hair” bullshit
  • thestrexfiles and thecarlosfiles - their mun is hands down one of the best RPers in the NV community I’ve seen. They’re mostly text posts, with smatterings of audio posts in the former, and Carlos is canon-cute and Department 805 are kinda terrifying.
  • wtnv-triggers is vital when you’re going into the show for the first time. You do not want to be sidelined by a joke or plot point that will make you run cold and paranoid about your neck for the rest of the day, trust me on this.
  • You can’t go wrong by following any actual artist that posts in the #pocecil tag honestly (and by actual artist I mean people who actually take the effort to draw POCecil rather than people who try to get a rise by mistagging white Cecil as such or white supremacists who want to invade the safe space). bicatperson frequents that tag a lot, and I like their art so.
  • Following the voice actors or writers of Night Vale is optional. As far as I know, dylanmarron, @sugarbooty (Jasika Nicole), jeebuspleabus (Kevin R Free), hallublin (Steve Carlsberg), and happierman (Jeffery Cranor), are the main ones, but there might be a more comprehensible list somewhere else.
  • Honestly, everyone has different tastes when it comes to NV blogs and what they want to get out of it - I mostly recommended art and text blogs, but you might prefer cosplay blogs or analysis blogs or visual-ask blogs. So take my recommendations with a pinch of salt, go out into the tags, and explore! 
  • Just stay away from the really well known problematic people in the fandom - v-f, any of her defenders, anyone who comes up with “institutionalized-Cecil Night-Vale-is-a-symptom AUs”, and suchlike - and you’ll be fine no matter who you follow. :)

Edit: I’m fairly certain I’ve forgotten some that I also stated in my recommended follow list in the FAQ so feel free to check that too

Happy Saturday Everyone! Crappy week is over and another crappy week is about to begin but not until Saturday is over (─‿─) Anyhow, I made the Follow Saturday because it’s been a long time since my last Follow Friday but Follow Friday’s are kinda getting old for me so I do it on Saturday lool. I hope you like it! Oh and I’m sorry I couldn’t include the urls on the bottom. It might annoy so people when scrolling on their dash and seeing this post multiple times a day with a whole bunch of urls. Trust me, I know that feeling. Anyhow, all blogs I follow are on here! (please ignore the ugly graphic. I only had 30 minutes to do it and I rushed through everything OTL)


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Hello! Happy Saturday! Anyhow, I’ll start off with my old url is matourou so you don’t get confused. I was supposed to change to this url (jukous) once I’m done with my Magi theme but I can no longer wait xD Anyhow, this week I’ve been playing with a lot textures (angst aka dark ones) to improve my angst(??) skills. YEAH that’s basically it HAHA. Well I hope you like it uwu 

P.S I couldn’t fit all the blogs on the graphic sorry D:  (everyone is still here though okk)

follow saturday
  • must be following me
  • likes don’t count, reblogs only
  • no hipster blogs
  • ill pick 30 (or more) random blogs
  • +random follow backs
  • it’s like a follow friday but i forgot to do it yesterday and someone asked me to make it a follow saturday instead
  • go go :)

Follow Saturday! Happy halloween late! I was busy when was this day :c So, I hope you enjoy! <33


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Follow Saturday - 8.6.11

I absolutely love all of these blogs and bloggers. 

The gif is from Girls’ Generation’s Genie.


I’m not feeling well, so I’m posting this early. Have a good weekend everyone! (:




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BLOG OF THE WEEK (causehesinlovewithyou): I cannot put into words how much I love and adore this blog. The theme is so simple but it’s elegant at the same time, and don’t even get me started on the sidebar graphics. Make sure to check out her edits because they are so flawless, share some of your talent please. I don’t know how you could survive on tumblr without following this incredible blog.

magicaltrio: a blog entirely dedicated to harry potter.

storybrooketales:a blog that I co-run with the lovely Nicole. this blog is entirely dedicated to Once Upon a Time.

I know i don’t talk to all of you, but this is my way to say thank you for making my dashboard so beautiful and quality, your blogs and your personalities are perfect, and i would never regret clicking the follow button.

julia - danny - jenn

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To everyone on this and my beautiful senpais: First, i’m sorry for how ugly this is. i had to do it super fast ;n; i gave up on capitalizing words for laziness, but i hope that doesn’t bother u lol. i look up to most of you guys so much, and even if you aren’t on my senpai list below, i love you just as much as them! most of you guys make graphics and they’re all so wonderful! all of you are beautiful butterflies okay //hugs i hope you all had a wonderful valentines day and every other day of the year! <3

Senpais (most of them don’t follow me so don’t think that please):

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credit to lovely mizukas for the gif

please tell me if i mislinked or misspelled anything

I’m addicted to you

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There are my FAVORITES blogs, they’re all flawless and their posts are amazing perfects ! So go follow them all ‘cause they deserve tons of followers ♥. 

I`m just gonna say that every single one of these blogs is amazing.They make my dash look prettier,they make me SMILE every day,they are talented,funny etc.I love every single one of them.As you can see,i was too lazy to type the names again.And if i forgot to add anyone,forgive me please-i was making this last night.

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BUT WHY YOUR NAME ARE SO DIFFICULT TO PRONOUNCE xDD so sorry , i’m sick and my voice is ugly xD and my heartbeat is so fast fvehrmregh btw <3

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Hello Unicórnios!! Esse é o meu primeiro Follow Saturday o/

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