Foam Core


my March for Science sign ideas

I am a designer IRL and I wanted to share some sign ideas with the world. Since different approaches work with different people, I tried to cover the gamut between directions that are alternately jokey, serious, philosophical, and pointed. You might hate some, you might like some.

If you see something you like: steal it — make your own version of it — improve on it. Or, if you think all these are crap, come up with an kickass idea of your own that make these look pathetic in comparison.

But if you want to use these as-is, be my guest. You can find PDF versions on Google Drive. These are all sized to 20” x 32”. (My thought was that 40” x 32” is a common foam core size so dividing it in half would be a good way to optimize material — 2 signs per sheet).

My girlfriend and I just lined our plant window with aluminum foil to maximize sunlight! We have to keep them inside because it rains a lot here. What do you think? And any tips on keeping succulents and such growing healthy in city window conditions? Thanks!


Cute!! I love the idea of a plant nook. Just be careful, because the wrinkles in aluminum foil can reflect light too much in one spot, and scorch your plants! Make sure the foil is dull-side up and completely flat… mounting it on a piece of cardboard or foam core helps.

The only thing I would worry about with succulents in a city window is air flow and prolonged dampness. looks like a lot of them are in terracotta pots, which is a huge plus because they help absorb moisture. Water only when completely dry, and make sure the soil is gritty (which it appears to be so HIGH FIVE). If you can, after watering provide them with either an open window (not if it’s cold, of course) or a fan, which will help circulate the air and also help with damp soil. Don’t blow the air directly on them… just having a fan on in the same room is fine.


FoamCore! project

I hate it with a passion. 3-D is NOT my forte. but i gave it a shot anyway.  I’m not going to let this assignment weed me out with the other puny wanna-be graphic design students.

so we had to make anything…but could not cut any part of the foam board away. it has to stay intact! WTH? Meet Dill. :)

I’m so glad this part of the crazy journey will be over at 6pm tonight. no more impossible foamcore project! on to the next psycho assignment…will post when I have something.


My third design project. Objective: cut foam core and make a sculpture with intersecting planes.

I hated this project with a passion. Foam core is the most God awful material I have ever used in my life. It is flimsy, fussy, and frustrating. I got to the point that I literally just started gluing shit together, and as you can see there is a point were I should have just stopped. I literally laughed till I was crying when I took the final gander at this project. I lost my mind. I spent so long on it to make a huge piece of crap which is what made it so funny. Oh, the irony!

I titled it “frustration to the core”. In the end my final thought was “Fvck this. I no longer care. This is it. Done!” I restarted and recut pieces so many times it was ridiculous. I never want to touch a piece of foam core again in my life. When I get it back I think I am going to smash it was a hammer or baseball bat and then stomp it into pieces and then as a final note of hatred, set it on fire. :D If I get a good grade on this I am going to laugh.

This is the scenerio I imagine when I look at it: Stay at home mom watching Martha Stewart’s christmas special and here is Martha making this badass sculpture thats perfect and the stay at home mom is like “Yeah, I can do this. Easy!”, grabs some hot glue and foam core and goes to town, then half way through is like “this sucks”, gets frustrated and says a bunch of dirty words that she would never say in front of her family, drinks a few glasses of wine to calm the nerves, says “fvck this” and starts gluing on more and more sh!t and then wraps it to give to her mother-in-law for christmas, who will then put on a fake smile and say “oh its beautiful, how sweet…what do you do with it?”, display it as a kind gesture and then later laugh at it with her husband, and then throw it in the trash or use it for firewood. The end. :D


Cubed in 4 Parts

Basically, all the 3"x3" foamboard squares are stacked up to make a 3x3x3 cube.
Then, the shape can be altered. Make it an interesting sculpture…finally, I gotta draw it in black & white.

Here it is. I zoomed in a bit and used Sharpie & PrismaMarker for the drawing. A bit out of the comfort zone, but I wanted to do something other than pencil.

This jam-packed week is finally over! I need a break from this crazy journey some time in the near future…very near future please.