FoE: PnP character request 6. Windhover - colored.

For Krallion`s pnp group.

Sorry that this took me ages to finish, I`m terrible at keeping up the pace and could use a little kick in the butt from time to time.

There are some mistakes, and the scarf kinda jumps out too sharply as I tried a pen for the small details as a pencil would have made it just a big smudge. Hopefully the colors are right. I have a nagging feeling that his coat is too bright but that is honestly the lightest shade of brown I have, and these pencils I use are kinda bright in any case.

(The white streak on his mane and tail kinda drowns in as well, consarnit!)

Fo:E PnP  character request 6/6 Windhover.

Initial sketch for the last requested character for Kralion. Well, initial is kinda the wrong word as he was the first one I tried sketching out and tried several other times until t this done.  He was supposed to be wearing a Russian style Telogreika jacket but I kept mucking it up so badly each time I gave up and went with the gear from the reference image.

Probably will try and fix the rifle a bit before I color this.

Winter Bell colored.

Welp, I actually found the time today to color this tonight. I was a bit worried that her coat color might have turned out a bit too dark, even with the lightest blue on my kit, but it looks allright on the scanned version.

Anyways one more character to go, then onwards to the other recuestees.