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So, how does Malhare/William view Vanny and vice versa?

william considers her a viable asset. she’s an easy host to prey upon, what with her prior knowledge of him and her own personal issues. he would’ve much preferred someone stronger and larger— but no one expects a sweet woman like his vanny, now do they?


nessa has her own personal demons. she’s projected plenty of her own desires onto her understanding of william afton— from all accounts, he was a hardworking and joyful father of three. she, at one point, thought the man was misunderstood; that his reason for murder was complex and that deep down he was suffering as much as his victims.

it started out as something fun, but the stronger he becomes, the more she realizes she made a terrible mistake. she’s compliant, but she’s reaching out as much as she can. someone needs to stop her before she makes any more stupid decisions

thanks to the new update in fnaf ar, we know that vanny refers to herself as nessie/ness (her email is nessie97) so lets just all address her as that cuz if she’s not referring to herself as vanny and luis isn’t referring to her as that then the only other person that could possibly be calling her “vanny” is william and i don’t like that at all hhhhhh

I know matpat’s gotten a lot of shit for some of his fnaf theories but honestly???? I like the “mangle is a dog” theory. Not only did he provide some pretty good evidence but mangle being possessed by a dog makes for some pretty fun scenarios to think about. Like if all the animatronics from UCN or something have a big family dynamic then all the mangles are their dumb dogs.

Imagine mangle attempting to use plushtrap as a chew toy and toy freddy or something has to come in and go “NO BOY BAD PLUSHTRAP IS NOT A TOY!! PUT HIM DOWN BOY OH MY GOD PUT HIM DOWN! NO!! BAD BOY!! OH MY GOD”

Imagine security puppet teaching phantom mangle tricks

Imagine chica putting nightmare mangle in a kennel because he chewed up some of the plushies

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I love this,,,,