Did you know that from 1985-1996 Spit and a Half was also a beyond-the-underground record label? I released music from my own bands (Bryce Hammer, TAC, Felt Pilotes), as well as others, mainly Australian lo-fi pop groups like Cannanes, Flywheel, Clag, Ashtray Boy, and more.

Jon Pinnow helped me get a Bandcamp site up, so now you can stream a lot of the releases for free, or even download them if you like!

Moral: move your ass.

Following a training plan religiously for the first time since my first marathon. It isn’t easy fitting forty miles a week into a social/work life that already demands early mornings and late nights, but the numbers speak for themselves: my easy pace has dropped to 7:30 minutes per mile, and two weeks ago I finished 16 miles in 2 hours. Finished strong, too. Bottom line: if you want to run a marathon, and you want to run it fast, commit.

Huge sale on Nike gear right now. I threw out all my old running clothes and stocked up on the Pro compression short, Pro Victory compression bra and Pro Core Subliminated capri tight. Upgrade your stash! Fall is about fresh starts.

All I want right now is pasta, pasta, pasta.

Dinner last night with one of the Flywheel owners, and he’s sending me a tall stack of free passes. You know what that means… Sweet giveaways on FrED for those who of you who live in Flywheel towns! I just had the shittiest Wednesday in recorded history, and to stop the cycle of despair, cancelled my date and party plans and booked an evening session instead. 45 minutes (and 25 miles and many, many liters of sweat) later, the blues were busted. Moral: move your ass.

PAPER BEE (wmass)
+ a special appearance from GUST GEN ;)

saturday, january 16 @ flywheel arts collective
7PM | $6-8
presented by: gender meltdown + eternal slumber party
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♪ I get knocked down,

but I get up again ♫