Check out our review/photos of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds at Echo Beach in Toronto!

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No one asked me, but here are reasons I am obsessed with this live performance:

1. Tom’s hair is fucking ON POINT and the way he keeps shaking it around is like “look at my hair!” YES WE GET IT YOU HAVE GORGEOUS HAIR. NOW STOP

2. He’s wearing fucking shades indoors

3. Ron’s slays the bassline

4. Flying V

5. Natural wood “Heartbreaker” Telecaster 

Regular Show and musical instruments

While I was watching Return Of Mordecai and the Rigbys I wanted to know which real instruments the Park guys used through the seven seasons. I won’t list Muscle Man’s trumpet and acoustic guitar (I guess it would be a Yamaha one), Rigby’s tambourine (This Is My Jam). Warning: this is a long post.

Electric guitars

Mordecai always uses an Epiphone Les Paul while Rigby plays a Gibson Flying V

Bass Guitars

Skips is our bassist. His bass guitar is a Fender Precision Bass either red or black.

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