Storm Witch Tip:

A storm is likely to come when:

  • deciduous trees flip their leaves due to wind direction
  • birds fly low in the sky, and go quiet
  • there’s a southerly wind (in the US)
  • there’s a red dawn in the east
  • layers of nimbus clouds move in opposite directions
  • the morning grass is dry of dew
  • an earthy scent rises from the soil and flowers
  • pine cones remain closed
  • a halo rings the moon at night
  • nights are warm in winter (cloud cover insulation)
  • smoke swirls and descends, instead of a steady rise

Remember, low pressure brings wet weather.

Anyway, what I love about Pharmercy is that's a ship that grew thanks to the gameplay organically and it's about two women flying together in the sky, supporting each other, being sweet and a great team

And more importantly is not about fixing the other with love or some corny shit like that.

my teammates: spam ‘i need healing’ or ‘thanks’ every time they die

my teammates: passive-aggressively spam ‘thanks’ when we lose

me: chill the fuck out

The Lunar Witches.

“I am a Luna Child, Born of night’s own tender womb. Kissed by light and freed by darkness, my kin fly high across the glittering sky. Bats and owls, moths and witches, We are all children of the moon. Blessed with wisdom hinged on madness, our North star shines from within.” #SilverAppleSociety