Fly Shit

“Seriously, i don’t know why people get so hyped about valentine’s day. Okay cool you go out with someone else, surprise surprise.

Still a normal day of the year.
Why do people need to spam it around like holy shit look i am dating someone tonight!
Have any of you thought some people like me give no flying shits about it?!”

And the saltyness intensifies.


// ‘Ight… I have a lot to say but I’m not going to add more fuel to the fire then I need too. Most, if not all the people I talk to already know where I stand and that’s good enough for me. But lets cut the crap. Let just… can we not stoop so low, its… its honestly horrible and sad to see. I understand what happens when tempers flare and spark fly, sometimes that shit is just inevitable. But yellin, name calling and pointing finger a’int getting no one nowhere any time soon now is it?

This is a major insure non the less… But I think people need to take a second, step away from the keyboard, and breath. As far as I know everyone knows everyone’s opinion at this point… If not, mnn just.. don’t dig too deep it gets messy. I don’t want to say everyone is in the right for what they have said, but not everyone is in the wrong either.

Things happened, illegal things happened. Mistakes were made, people just need to own up, no one has to forgive anyone but if you can ‘ight cool good on you dude. But I’m not expecting it from anyone. If you are in the wrong you just need to suck it up and own up and nothing more, no if, ands, or, buts. Make your peace so we can all move on.
Also no minor is in the wrong, even if they said are okay with something someone under 18 cant give consent. Legal consent to something of this nature. If you are a minor stuck in the middle of this, do not blame yourself for anything that is going on. If you are a minor that said it was okay to receive nsfw don’t do it again. It’s. Illegal. There are laws protecting minors for a reason.

I have said what I needed to say. But lastly…

Be the one to take the high road, there’s a lot less traffic up there.

I can’t help but see Earth during the Reaper Invasion kind of like the setting of The Walking Dead, but with husks and cannibals instead of zombies, and well, Reapers flying around fucking shit up. And I also see Earth post-invasion kind of like Fallout. (I’m only thinking with the destroy ending). So yes, I’m having fun mashing all of my interests together.