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i got sick and decided to make a thing so here the thing is. i don’t really know what this is. i guess i just wanted to say that all kinds of humans are good and nature is good also so why not make them be good together. hope you enjoyed the thing. 

p.s. sorry for not including every pride flag, there are just so freaking many and tbh I’m still learning. Also sorry sorry sorry if any of these titles are wrong. my bad. i do not want to offend anyone i swear, just thought this was a cute idea!!! 

k bye. xxx \(’ o’)/


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Valentine’s day Giftbox - The beating heart

Due to the changes in surface tension and the charge concentration on the mercury( the top gif ) and the gallium drop, it contracts and relaxes. This phenomenon is fondly referred to as ‘The beating heart’ by Fluid Dynamicists.

Happy Valentine’s day!

Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.

- Henry Van Dyke

Recently, I read a research paper by Professor Manu Prakash from Stanford who has been working on a computer that works on fluid droplets and it is extremely fascinating.

Manipulating Matter

Inspiration: The computers that we have at our home are capable of manipulating Information, but they cannot manipulate Physical matter per se! Ergo, build a device that could process both information and physical matter simultaneously.

The setup is actually relatively simple to understand but the working is a bit tricky. They use a ferrofluid as the droplet and control the way it behaves with a circular magnetic field.

Through the coupling of magnetic and hydrodynamic interaction forces between droplets, AND,OR,XOR,NOT and NAND logic gates, fanouts, full adder, a flip flop and a finite state machine is implemented.

If this is the sort of thing that you are interested in, I strongly recommend you read their paper.

The bigger goal

“We already have digital computers to process information. Our goal is not to compete with electronic computers or to operate word processors on this,”

Prakash said. “Our goal is to build a completely new class of computers that can precisely control and manipulate physical matter. Imagine if when you run a set of computations that not only information is processed but physical matter is algorithmically manipulated as well. We have just made this possible at the mesoscale.”

Have a great day!

- part of ‘Fluid Friday’ series


Drip food coloring into water and you can often see a torus-shaped vortex ring after the drop’s impact. That vortex rings form during droplet impact has been well known for over a century, but only recently have we begun to understand the process that leads to that vortex ring. Part of the challenge is that the vortex formation is very small and very fast, but recent work with x-ray imaging has allowed experimentalists to finally capture this event.

When a drop impacts a pool, surface tension draws some of the pool liquid up the sides of the drop. At the same time, the impact causes ripple-like capillary waves down the sides of the drop. This causes pool liquid to penetrate sharply into the drop, triggering the spirals that mark the forming vortex ring. When drops impact with even higher momentum, multiple vortex spirals can form, as seen on the lower right image. The authors observed as many as four rings during an impact. For more, check out the (open access) article.  (Image and research credit: J. Lee et al., source)


In their latest video, the Slow Mo Guys team up with the Blue Man Group for some high-speed hijinks, some of which make for great fluidsy visuals. Their first experiment involves dropping a bowling ball on gelatin. The gelatin goes through some massive deformation but comes out remarkably unscathed. Gelatin is what is known as a colloid and essentially consists of water trapped in a matrix of protein molecules. This gives it both solid and liquid-like properties, which means that the energy the bowling ball’s impact imparts can be dissipated through liquid-like waves ricocheting through the gelatin before the elasticity of the protein matrix allows it to reform in its original shape.

The video ends with buckets of paint flung at Dan. The paints form beautiful splash sheets that expand and thin until surface tension can no longer hold them together. Holes form in the sheet and eat outward until the paint forms thin ligaments and catenaries. As those continue to stretch, surface tension drives the paint to break into droplets, though that break-up may be countered to some extent by any viscoelastic properties of the paint. (Image and video credit: The Slow Mo Guys + Blue Man Group, source)