The Red Bull Reality

Today was one of the most anticipated social events in our tiny twin Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago. As you can see by the vlog that I uploaded, it was more hype than anything else. The competition itself, from what I heard started after 12pm. Security was extremely tight, and wreckers were making 5 minute trips along with police escorts. It was very much a sight to see. 

My crew did not stay too long because of bi polar weather conditions and the anticipation of some serious traffic woes. We arrived at the Flug Tag venue at 8am, facing traffic as far as from West Mall. When we were leaving the venue at around 12pm, Traffic build up had reached the Movie Towne Complex.

Needless to say I have friends who are currently stranded in Chaguaramas, with stand still traffic. There are also many rumours going around about a series of incidents that have occurred, from robberies, to stabbings and capsizing boats. Its hard to decipher which may be true. 

Red Bull Flug Tag was more about the height of emotions and intense anticipation. Even though we did not stay to see any of the take offs, the mere fact that we got there was a huge accomplishment. My friends who had VIP passes were stuck in traffic for 5 hours, until they decided to turn around and leave. Some were in it for a little less, but most averted to Maracas Beach, 30,000 people were suppose to attend Flug Tag, so therefore chances are the beaches would have been deserted.

Things were more or less under control, despite the wafts of weed in the air and the intermittent showers. All other conditions seemed pretty much manageable. Red Bull Flug Tag also provided shuttles in the area, which proved to be so much of an added convenience. 

Even though I did not get to see anything, being apart of the hype was much more valuable than anything else. I thank jeroberos for taking the initiative to leave on instinct. I supported his decision fully. It must be noted that most accidents do occur when colleagues separate when they may decide to go against the desires of thier designated driver. Would you believe I heard one of my good friends took to his feet and walked all the way to the venue, after his designated driver decided to turn around! *sigh*

Flug Tag was nice, no doubt about it, but reality and fantasy came very close today. We must be aware of our wits and act on instinct. I am glad that I am home, safe and sound. 

The height of my evening, was relaxing with two of my best friends, dames and jeroberos to the back of my yard. We just laid back on plastic chairs and took in the serenity of the valley. We laughed, we chilled and we talked for a mere 20 mins that seem to last for hours. Yet another end to an eventful weekend…..

Always looking at life,

even with wings,

Shahad the Sentinel


Nothing like breaking records and a nod to Zorbaz.



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Ein Highlight jagt das Andere auf unserer eindrücklichen Reise. Ein grosser und schon lang gehegter Wunsch von mir war es, einmal in einem Helikopter zu fliegen. Dieser Wunsch ging nun im Gletscherdorf Franz Josef, einem richtigen Helikopter-Mekka in Erfüllung. Die Hauptstrasse verfügt über einen kleinen Lebensmittelladen, 3-4 Souvenier-Shops, 4-5 Restaurants und mindestens ebenso viele Helikopterflug-Anbieter. In der Rankers-App (einer Neuseeländischen-Bewertungsapp analog TripAdvisor), beschreibt dann auch ein Contributor das Dorf als „war zone“ da der Helikopterlärm an schönen Tagen wirklich allgegenwärtig ist. Wir hatten Glück denn entgegen der Wetterprognose war der Morgen unserer Ankunft noch grösstenteils sonnig. Kiran war relativ rasch begeistert von meiner Idee einen Helikopterflug zu machen, bei Arlett und Aryan benötigte es einiges an Überredungskunst. Schlussendlich buchten wir aber spontan einen 30-minütigen Flug zum Franz Josef und Fox-Gletscher inkl. Gletscherlandung. Unsere Flugzeit wurde auf 12.30 Uhr angesetzt und wir hatten grosses Glück, dass das Wetter noch solange mitmachte. Während der Landung gestand mir der Pilot, dass es wohl sein letzter Flug für diesen Tag war denn das Wetter schlug rasch um. Dies brachte uns dafür zu einigen „Kurven“ mehr beim Rückflug um die Thermik gefahrlos zu überwinden, was unseren Adrenalinspiegel und somit das Erlebnis noch steigerten. Die Emotionen waren einmalig und klingen hoffentlich noch lange nach… auch wenn ich bereits für einen nächsten Flug bereit wär :-)!


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