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Floyd Cramer - Last Date (c.1961)

Floyd Cramer (October 27, 1933 – December 31, 1997) was an American Hall of Fame pianist who was one of the architects of the “Nashville sound”. He was known for his “slip note” piano style, where an out-of-key note slides into the correct note. - wikipedia.org

How to play Last Date on the piano: 

You Made Me Love You
  • You Made Me Love You
  • Patsy Cline & The Jordanaires
  • Sweet Dreams: Her Complete Decca Masters (1960-1963)

Patsy Cline feat. The Jordanaires - You Made Me Love You

Recorded February 12, 1962

I think we can all agree that another Patsy Cline song has been long overdue. So here she is back from a long hiatus singing a classic Judy Garland song. Enjoy!

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Band Members:

  • Patsy Cline - Vocals
  • The Jordanaires - Backup Vocals
  • Randy Hughes - Guitar
  • Grady Martin - Elec. Guitar
  • Ray Edenton - Ryth. Guitar
  • Walter Haynes - Steel Guitar
  • Floyd Cramer - Piano
  • William Pursell - Organ
  • Harold Bradley - Keyboard
  • Bob Moore - Bass
  • Buddy Harman - Drums


You made me love you
I didn’t wanna do it
I didn’t wanna do it
You made me want you

And all the time you knew it
I guess you always knew it
You made me happy

Sometimes you made me glad
But there were times
You made me feel so bad

You made me sigh for
I didn’t wanna tell you
I didn’t wanna tell you

I want some love
That’s true, yes, I do
‘Deed I do, you know I do

Give me, give me what I cry for
You know you got the brand of kisses
That I die for
You know you made me love you


Floyd Cramer - On The Rebound

This song will forever be one of my favourites. Used perfectly in the opening credits of An Education (another of my favourites)


All right, last one - no, for just today, you’re not that lucky.

Moving ahead a year to 1960 and “Last Date” by Floyd Cramer.  This used to be very popular as a slow one at the school dances.


Legendary piano player Floyd Cramer covered “Papa Gene’s Blues” on his 1967 album Floyd Cramer Plays The Monkees.


“An Education” opening sequence! Absolutely glorious animation. Floyd Cramer, what an odd and inspired choice…..