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Jared Leto Joker x OFC: Cold as Ice - Part 5: Wreak Havoc (Final Chapter)

When Batman can’t catch the Joker, he asks a new meta-human to step in and go under-cover to gain Mister J’s trust. Andromeda accepts the Bat’s offer, but finds herself struggling to walk the fine line between pretending to love the infamous Mr. J, and actually falling for him.

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Rated M for Strong and Suggestive Language.

Disclaimer: Gifs not mine. All rights to Batman, Joker, Suicide Squad, DC Characters, etc. go to their respective creators. All rights to each chapter’s title song lyrics quoted (as dialogue or otherwise) within the chapters belong to their respective writers/performers.

Author’s Note: Each of this story’s five sections and their titles will be based on a song off the Suicide Squad Album. This fanfic comes with a built in soundtrack. Phrases in bold italics are lines quoted from each section’s title song.


Thanks for reading, guys! This is the end! Hope you all enjoy it. There will be one final Author’s Note at the end.


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