Who is this mysterious white lady? Rumors told when someone saw a beautiful woman in white dress with colorful flower with five like antenna with five colors on her hairs. it’s a sign that a new world is born. Other rumors that it’s sign of change or guide thrown the darkness.  No one really talk to this person or her truth name. they call her the white lady, woman in white dress or La dame blanche (mean the white lady in French). She can change into normal human and no one will notice it.

and if someone who gonna said that she is going to be appear in Abysstale. The answer is yes.

The white lady (me) metakazkz

Artwork by me metakazkz

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Elegiah! (I love her so much)

Thank you so much for liking this flower <3 

×1 Ellie was brought from the Grove to Divinity’s Reach when she was very young and is much more accustomed to the human culture than to the sylvari way of life and values

×2 In a human au Elegiah would be Chinese

×3 Her hair flower is much tougher than it looks. Also the petals regrow very fast and the old ones fall out daily- like hair. She meticulously grooms her petals every day, to maintain the best possible image

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A delivery of vibrant flowers accented by a slip of paper: "If her hair is the night sky / Her eyes are brilliant starlight / Guiding me home over the waves / And every time she stays / It's a little harder to say goodbye / In the morning light -VT"

Are you trying to make me cry.

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*It was now the day of Michelle and Past's wedding, they were each getting ready separately and while Michelle had let Past choose the theme of it, she still chose her dress, which was covered in white, lace flowers and was actually just a short dress with a detachable train, which was also covered with flowers. She had also gotten her hair curled and her nails done, her nails now a light blue to match the outfit she usually wore* (@apageofbreath)

*Past wore a short wedding dress with lace sleeves and lace and pearls throughout the dress. Her wedding veil was long and beaded with pearls. Her hair was curled expect the bangs that covered her eye was straightened. She had rose pink blush and pink lipstick that matched her perfectly, her nails were done bright pink like her bracelet she would normally wear. She shook nervously in her wheelchair, happy but afriad this day would be ruined by something bad.*


We took my cousin and aunt out to dinner to celebrate her birthday, at a Chinese buffet we go to regularly and the waitress (who’s an total sweetheart, who’s made my mom a paper flower to wear in her hair before), made my cousin a birthday orange complete with slices shaped like butterflies, and it was really cute.


How to wear flowers in your hair.

The gajra - a flower garland often composed of small coloured and/or fragrant flowers - is the most  common hair decoration in India. Jasmine is the most commonly used flower, of its varieties kunda appears often in Sanskirt literature. 

Other commonly used flowers for hair garlands include the aboli (also pic 2), bakul,  champaka and mixed garlands of flowers, leaves and roots (kadambam).  

It used to be that you could plait ketaki (screwpine) into the hair but I haven’t seen this in a long time.