Beautiful Maiko Umeyae wearing a light blue kimono with flower basket, pine needles, ginkgo, chrysanthemum, plum and autumn leaf pattern. Her obi is a deep purple with rangiku (type of chrysanthemum) pattern. Of course also her kanzashi is made out of chrysanthemum to fit the season. But for me the best is this beautiful ofuku she wears in her hair! It’s blue with flowers to fit her kimono! It’s the first time I see another color than red and I think it’s amazing! Look at how lovely it looks and the pretty details of the flowers.


You are Furmom, and you have entirely forgotten the growling of your belly in favour of yowling into the night.

Not even three yards away is your charge, face down on the ground, hand outstretched, her hair heavy with flowers, leaves, and dirt, which is obscuring most of her form from view.

Virada has been missing for three sweeps now, and to have her appear so suddenly and collapse like that? There’s no way you can handle this on your own. You’re already panicking just from the thought she might have just died.

Oh gods, she might have just died!

You yowl louder as you leap over the antlerbeast to nudge and push at her with your muzzle. She isn’t responsive, and your own pump is beating so hard you can’t trust yourself to listen for a pulse.

You all but roar. Surely someone is nearby?