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When Harry and Piper got proper married, did they have a big ceremony and all? What kind of dress would Piper have worn? :)

“Proper married”, I like that.

I imagine when they finally do have a real ceremony, it’ll be quite small, just family and friends and people close to them. In my mind, they had a sort of ceremony when they got “married” too, just not an official one, and it was only 1D that were there for it so they’d want to include family this time. I think they’d want to have it outdoors somewhere; I’m feeling something tropical. Like Piper in a nice flowy dress with some flowers in her hair, Harry out of his usual suits and just in the typical tropical wedding outfit, like loose pants and a shirt that gapes open at the chest (of course). And it would be all cliché, like at sunset or something, because Piper loves clichés like that. And she’d be wearing about ten layers of sunblock to make sure she didn’t get burned. And it would be lovely and romantic and very cute, everything they didn’t get to have the first time around.

Let's hold hands 'till we're not lonely anymore
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Between them, there’s enough blushing to match the colour of Louis’ nails and enough giggling to rival that of little children.

Or Louis likes flower crowns and nail polish, Harry’s fond of books and school, and they somehow like each other.