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… this is the shittiest writing i’ve ever seen… i am so done with this show tbh …

bc like the logic used to negate lucaya is just ???????????

bc lucas is irritating my damn soul all the time in this episode

bc like rilaya is so gay and disney will never do it rip

bc like joshaya is actually flourishing and they had some amazing moments ngl BUT URIAH IS TRASH AND LOOKING AT HIM PISSES ME OFF



[In Stagecoach] Ford introduces Wayne with a highly uncharacteristic visual flourish: the camera darts toward Wayne in a rapid dolly shot, as the actor, standing in front of what appears to be a projected background, twirls his rifle in a grand, theatrical gesture. The shot briefly goes out of focus as Ford’s cinematographer, Bert Glennon, struggles to keep up with the change in scale — an effect that may have been accidental, but which grants Wayne an almost supernatural aura, as his face emerges from the blur to fill the screen in a dominating close-up. This is mythmaking, pure and simple  - Dave Kehr

Fairy Tale Castles in France


This château is nicknamed the “Château des Dames” because King Henry II gave this castle to his mistress Diane de Poitiers. She commissioned the gorgeous bridge that many people find as the most beautiful thing about the castle.   


Built as a hunting lodge for François I, Château de Chambord is one of the finest examples of the Renaissance architecture in France. It took over 30 years to build during the 16th century. It’s one of the most extravagant châteaux with elaborate rooftop of 800 sculpted columns and over 440 rooms and 85 staircases, making it the largest château in the Loire Valley.


Built in the reign of King Francois I (where architecture and arts truly flourished during this Renaissance period), Chateau Azay-le-Rideau is a small and charmingly romantic castle with Italian style architecture. It is hard to believe that it was a defensive fortress in times past because of its beauty.


Built on the 10th century remnants of a fortress built to protect Blois, the Chateau de Chaumont was built in the years between 1465 and 1510 by Charles I and Charles II d’Amboise. The Château de Chaumont was purchased by Catherine de Medici a year after Henry II’s death. There she entertained numerous astrologers, among them Nostradamus.


The Chateau was originally built in around 1528 for the Constable Anne de Montmorency. This beautiful chateau is made up of two attached sections: the Grand Chateau and the Petit Chateau, but the Grand Chateau was destroyed during the French Revolution. It was later rebuilt. 


Originally built in the 12th century but rebuilt in the 14th century for Louis, Duke of Orléans, Château de Pierrefonds is in the Oise department of the Picardy region. Napoléon Bonaparte visited it in 1850 and asked the father of modern restorations, Viollet-le-Duc to restore it to the point of even surpassing its previous grandeur.


The Chateau d’Ussé is where Charles Perrault the author of Sleeping Beauty (La Belle au Bois Dormant) was inspired to use this castle as Sleeping Beauty’s castle and later on in Disney- and it’s beautiful. Located on the edge of the Chinon Forest overlooking the Indre River, the chateau sits atop the bank along the river and has terraced gardens.


For those who have a passion for gardens, then Chateau de Villandry has the most spectacular gardens! Completed in 1536, the chateau was built in a Renaissance style by Jean le Breton, one of François I’s Finance Ministers.


The Château de Blois sits right at the Blois’ city center. The wings and buildings were built between the 13th and 17th century and they surround a lovely central courtyard. The chateau was the location where the Archbishop of Reims blessed Joan of Arc before her march on Orleans in 1429 and has also served as the residence of many French kings.


Chateau de Cheverny was built the chateau between 1624 and 1630 by Philippe Hurault. Renowned for its exquisite interior which was renovated in 1768, the chateau holds a large collection of tapestries, furniture and artwork. 


Dating back to the 11th century, this was taken by the French King Charles VII in the mid-15th century and became a royal palace. François I based his court here. Leonardo da Vinci came to the chateau and it became both his workplace and his home. It is rumored that he is buried nearby. Mary, Queen of Scots was raised here as she was promised to marry Francis II.


This massive chateau that dominates the Chinon commune is built in the 12th century on the rocky bank of the river Vienne. It is known as the castle where Joan of Arc proclaimed that she heard heavenly voices and where she went to meet with the Charles VII, Dauphin of France who resided here from 1427 to 1450.


An imposing medieval fortress built in the 14th century, this castle was later on transformed into a residential chateau by the Duke of Sully. Voltaire sought shelter here in Château de Sully-sur-Loire during his exile from Paris. Today the castle hosts a classical music festival every year on June.  


In the city of Angers near the river Maine, this castle was first founded in the 9th century by the Counts of Anjou but its current colossal size was added sometime in the 13th century. Today, the castle has been converted to a museum which houses the oldest and biggest collection of medieval tapestries from all over the world. It is also the home of the Apocalypse Tapestry which illustrates in vivid detail the Bible’s Book of Revelation. 


Mont St Michel, constructed during the 8th century, is located on a rocky island off the north coast of France in Normandy. When the monastery was first constructed, it was connected to the mainland by a land bridge that was covered completely by water during high tide and visible again at low tide.

The Slippery Process of Christening

Tim Keane

That’s not gale-blown marran grass
Not a trembling perp’s finger-press
It’s not sleep-messed tresses on a satin headrest
Not a blood blotch suspended in white emulsion
Not some would-be bullet trace
Nor a hypothetical comet
Not a wind-catcher hewn out of broom bristles

There are, obviously, affirmatives in these negatives
You can’t unsee whatever words make visible
And no one’s here, God knows, to smarmily riposte

No             or   Yes

To whatever you
Claim you see
In the unnamable

So nominate anything’s is-ness
for yourself, and grow
properly stoned on that
slippery process of christening.

Call this the heel-print of Pindar’s sandman
Or streaky arithmetics shaded in by some philistine
Or a cloud making a sidewinding, pseudo-Vesuvius
Or funny sedge, or barren reek, or a precious terminus.

Or go for a plagiarized, teacher-pleasing rhapsodic flourish
Name it a trace where the wind goes weightless in the leaves.

NB: Three phrases were lifted from Ezra Pound’s Cantos and Jonathan Williams’ “Ovid Meets a Metamorphodite.” Art submission by Tim Keane.

I feel like in many ways we’ve slowly been going towards a age characterized by hate over love and maybe the world has always been a hateful place but if you think about noe and what’s outside of the Internet, if you think of the news, everyone is just hating foreigners, hating politicians, hating people who fight the status quo, and then you come here and everyone hates different groups, and maybe is more justified in doing so, but there’s still this flourishing of hate, of groups characterized by what they hate rather than what they love, and it’s so exhausting and I want out of this world of hate but where can you even go right now where all you can feel is overwhelming love

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Iris West is black on TV and the movies! She's trending on Twitter. I don't always watch DC movies, but I'll probably end up watching Flash. I'm honestly living from some of the hate. Even though, truly, all this hate needs to stop.

The hate definitely does need to stop. It’s a shame but I’m happy she’s played by a black woman. It’s pretty sad because no one has an issue with the fact that Barry in the movie/show doesn’t look correct comic wise but no one has an issue because at least they’re white. Cast a black woman to be the love interest for a white man? Uproar. Let the racist tears flow they’ll sit in their hate while we flourish in our melanin! 👸🏾⚡️

my heart is a caterpillar
dying in the summer heat,
crossing the sidewalk in order
to say hello to you.

                          my heart is the dirt you
                          grew from, i create you
                          to create me, to create
                          you. i once tasted the sun
                          through your mouth,
                          not caring i would be left
                          as ash.

my heart is the garden you
never cared enough to
water, yet flourished anyway.

                          my heart is a touch in the
                          morning, your shoulder against
                          my shoulder. i can hear you
                          breathing in, feel you breathing in,
                          there is safety in the beat
                         of your life.

Why the Rich Must be Expropriated | Black Agenda Report
From the very beginning of the system, "racialized chattel slaves were the capital that made capitalism." The author traces the origins of the present day imperialist order, and concludes that “all personal wealth in the world has been built on a foundation of murder, extortion, exploitation, theft, illegal banking and debt schemes, colonialism, racism, slavery, and various artificial systems of hierarchy.”

“If we are to ever establish a free and just society, mass expropriation of personal wealth and property will be a necessity.”

“Along with the constantly diminishing number of the magnates of capital, who usurp and monopolise all advantages of this process of transformation, grows the mass of misery, oppression, slavery, degradation, exploitation; but with this too grows the revolt of the working class, a class always increasing in numbers, and disciplined, united, organised by the very mechanism of the process of capitalist production itself. The monopoly of capital becomes a fetter upon the mode of production, which has sprung up and flourished along with, and under it. Centralisation of the means of production and socialisation of labour at last reach a point where they become incompatible with their capitalist integument. This integument is burst asunder. The knell of capitalist private property sounds. The expropriators are expropriated.” – Karl Marx (Capital: Volume One)

Election seasons bring with them a renewed interest in politics. For most that couldn’t care less about such concerns, election season becomes, for at least a moment, a time to reflect on deeper issues. For those of us who spend a large portion of our lives thinking, writing, acting, and engaging in these larger-than-life matters, election seasons bring other questions: can we affect change through the electoral system, how effective is voting, and how can we overcome the corporate stranglehold over politics, to name a few.

However, beneath all of the political discussions lies an uncomfortable and overwhelming truth: Nearly all of our problems are rooted in the massively unequal ownership of land, wealth, and power that exists among the over-7 billion human beings on earth. More specifically, these problems are rooted in the majority of the planet’s population being stripped of its ability to satisfy the most basic of human needs. This predicament did not happen overnight, and it is far from natural. Rather, it is the product of centuries of immoral, illegitimate, and unwarranted human activity carried out by a miniscule section of the world’s people.

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It's so strange how one week we could feel God so close and it feels like we are on the same page and like everything is just going so well like our relationship is flourishing. And then the next week it's like God where are you why can I feel you are you even there. No amount of encouragement from others will help in that situation But watch God come and swoop you up

yeah that sounds great in theory but i’m tired of the back and forth. i want rock solid and consistent, not unstable. all of it seems naive. i have to learn Him all over again and i don’t care enough to do it. i’m not impressed. this time is just different for me.

i had depression worse than ever before in the beginning of the month and i’m honestly still recuperating. i don’t think it’s done. i’m just chillin and not really thinking about it unless i’m forced too because it could just be that. if it is, i’m sure He understands it even better than i do. if not, then im screwed bc i literally have no one else without him

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What is Lorun's relationship/view on Varric and/or Dwarves in general?

He thinks they’re absolutely fascinating. Especially the political standings and how integral they are to dwarven culture.

He also loves Varric’s stories. Much like Solas, he never grows tired of listening and learning. Living with the sisters and flourishing under their teachings was lovely but it never really spoke in depth of the world around him. He’s like a big, beefy sponge. He just absorbs everything