Florida SuperCon


I’ve only watched the first five minuets and I’m already crying XD
God… I love this man


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guys guys guys

Matt Smith… he’s a naughty boy. And I call the Matt Smith years ‘the rock and roll years’ because he would do a full day’s work, and then he would just go out and party, and then come back all bleary eyed. And Karen Gillan. Oh My God. The three of them - my parents and Matt - were so naughty. I was like the school teacher going 'What time do you call this?’ So, yes. He was the naughtiest of all. The most difficult to work with. The most challenging, for sure.
—  Alex Kingston talking about Which Doctor was the hardest to work with? | Florida Supercon, July 2, 2016 [x]
More stuff revealed at Florida Supercon 2016

Hey guys! This is an accumulation of facts I learned that I haven’t seen circulating around here- from private conversations and panels!

-Shelby told me that Rebecca Sugar directs like, every line and other cast members mentioned that Kent Osborn helps out too when recording
- Deedee during her panel said that there are sooooo many good songs waiting for us. Someone asked about the musical episode that Rebecca revealed and Deedee said that she did indeed sing in it!
- Micheala is so easy to talk to and she’s also hilarious. My friend and I feel she acts and talks like her character the most ( Deedee is a close second )
- Shelby originally auditioned for ALL the crystal gems including Steven. Later when she auditioned for peridot and got it she did say she had a completely different tone of voice intended for Peridot- once she lost her limb enhancers, Shelby just made noises appropriate to what she saw on the storyboard and her small Peridot voice came to be. She says she truly never gets annoyed when people ask her to do the voice
-Deedee had auditioned for Sadie too! She really loves Sadie and her voice actor
-Deedee is close friends w Jennifer Paz, VA of lapis, and their children have play dates. Isn’t that adorable
- Grace shared that Zach told her he once saw Deedee yelling at her children and she sounded exactly like Pearl yelling at Steven… Omg
- Grace and Zach are close friends and will often go out for coffee after recording. So sweet
- My friend asked Michaela what season are they on and she replied with they genuinely don’t know. Seasons are never specified until later but they’ve recorded episodes way ahead of us
-I was talking to Shelby and she said she wants someone to link her to a good peridot phone case- go recommend something to her if you know of one!
-Shelby loves “I Love Lucy” and wants peridot to meet Lucy and Ethel lol
-Someone asked Grace: “Will we ever see Stevonnie in a scenario where they get to fight?” And she replied that the show hints at things for a reason. Lots of fan theories are usually true, and trying to avoid revealing anything she said to wait it out but it’s basically implied that Stevonnie is confirmed to fight together!