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Florida Supercon 2017 Barbara & Lindsay Q&A summary

I watched the Q&A here. I’ll just write down RWBY related stuff that I consider somehow interesting for this blog. They talked about voice acting a lot, a bit about working at RT, and I didn’t write down all of that. 

  • There will be new characters in volume 5
  • Lindsay uses Red like Roses pt. II to get into character, so that song is one of her favourite songs from the soundtrack. She also said the lyrics of the song are very powerful because of the meaning behind it, the interaction between Ruby and Summer we didn’t get to see yet on the show. 
  • Lindsay said that many of the songs have a deeper meaning behind them and tell us a bit more about the characters than the show does. She said that she can’t spoil anything but we might want to have a closer look at the lyrics of Bad Luck Charm because it might become important later on. (You don’t want the burden of my name? The Daddy Qrow fraction of the FNDM is going to freak out. If anyone is interested, that part was at 1:05:00.)
  • Armed and Ready was probably intentionally a pun, probably because Barbara likes puns, but she didn’t come up with the idea. Jeff Williams works with the producers and writers, not with Lindsay and Barbara, so they can’t really collaborate much. 
  • Someone explained their thoughts on Ruby’s semblance being speed and how it reflects her character. Ruby’s semblance is speed because she wants to be there for those who need her and is scared of being too late to save them, a reflection on Ruby’s desire to be the hero. Lindsay said they had nailed it, she thinks that Ruby is all action before thought, passionate, pure and honest. She has no “filter” and that’s why she clashes so much with Weiss, because Weiss thinks Ruby should control herself more. Ruby runs in whenever she feels like she should, sometimes without thinking. 
  • Barbara said about Yang’s semblance that Yang is strong for her friends and loved ones, the rock of whichever group she’s in. Becoming stronger when she takes damage is kinda how she sees herself. Lindsay added that her semblance being a temper tantrum is also because she’s very protective of Ruby, being an older sister. 
  • If Lindsay could give Ruby advice she’d tell her to allow herself to open up and stop containing all of her emotions. Ruby is very straight forward and believes she’ll achieve all her goals if she just keeps pressing on and Lindsay would tell her to take a second to absorb what has happened, be sad for a moment and go into self discovery. Ruby is so busy taking care of everyone around her she doesn’t look into herself and think about what she wants and what her mission is. 
  • Barbara would tell Yang “Your mum left you, she’s not worth your time, move on”. (She also said this doesn’t have anything to do with what happens on the show, I’m hyped anyway.)
  • Lindsay ships Nuts and Dolts
  • Lindsay described volume 1 and 2 as Ruby getting friends and volume 3 her friends getting screwed. 
  • Lindsay’s favourite RWBY fanart is a Rick and Morty interpretation of Qrow and Ruby. 

Some of my favorite photos i took of me from Supercon 2017!

I will be posting other photos from this weekend soon as well… I really had such a great time this weekend. :)  

Sometimes going to a con alone isn’t such a bad thing!

Florida Supercon RWBY Q&A summary

I watched the Q&A with Lindsay Jones (Ruby), Barbara Dunkelman (Yang), Vic Mignogna (Qrow) and Josh Grelle (Tyrian) here. This is a summary of the bits I thought could be interesting for those who like to analyse the show. They talked a lot about voice acting and Rooster Teeth again and usually I don’t write those bits down.

  • Josh didn’t realise it was such a big deal to be the first one to curse on RWBY but many peopel asked him about it.
  • Lindsay listens to the Lucky Star theme song and Red like Roses pt. II to get into character for Ruby. 
  • Josh really loves that Tyrian is “his” in the way that he has no predetermined mouth movements and no one has ever voiced the character before which gives him creative freedom. It was really lovely to see how much he loves the character and working on RWBY. 
  • Monty considered Lindsay for Ruby or Blake, but picked her for Ruby because Lindsay is socially awkward, just like Ruby.
  • Barbara was involved in developing Yang’s character because Monty had her in mind for the role very early on, so Yang is based on her a lot. 
  • They talked about stories of people who said RWBY helped them through a hard time and Barbara said she feels honored to be part of someone’s healing, but those fans are actually the strong ones here. 
  • Vic loves RWBY Chibi. 
  • They were asked about their “this is the coolest thing I have ever done” scene and for Lindsay it was Ruby decapitating the Nevermore in volume 1, for Barbara the scene where Yang meets Adam, for Josh the breakdown at the end of volume 4, and for Vic it was recording his lines for volume 5 with the directors at RT in Austin after RTX, working with the actual people and getting feedback, because he usually records all his lines at home in LA, doing three versions of his lines without direction and letting the directors chose the one they will use. I’m curious if there will be a difference in volume 5, because now they were able to direct Qrow more. 
  • Jen Taylor nailed the opening monologue in volume 1 in one take. (That has been known for a while, but they mentioned it again.)
  • Question about their favourite parts about their RWBY characters: Josh said that with psychopathic villains there are no rules and he loved exploring the character. Barbara said she loves the insane amount of love Yang has for the people in her life and how far she would go for them, that she’d risk everything to protect them. And her tits. Vic said he loves the character design (when he started to record lines for Qrow he didn’t even know what he looked like), he also likes using he voice he gets to use because his real voice is unlike Qrow’s voice and often plays a lot of younger characters. He also loves Qrow cosplayers and he retweets every Qrow cosplayer he sees. Lindsay said she loves forgetting about who she is when she records Ruby or any other character. 
  • They didn’t know which World of Remnant episodes were planned, but Barbara said she’s sure there will be more because it’s such a big universe. 

So yeah, this is now officially something that’s happened.  I’ve met the Doctor, and he was as gracious and kind as everyone has ever mentioned.  He asked my name and just before the pose, he goes, “I love the shirt, by the way,” (@randomthunk aaaaaa!) and then told me to put my hand out like his and I’m so nervous my hand looks dumb.  I asked for a hug and he said, “Of course!” and he is a great squisher.  Then I thanked him, as heartfelt as I could, and moved along because his photo line was massive.  Such a beautiful man, inside and out, and I’m so very thankful he was our Twelve.