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  • Anaheim Ducks:Your mom made you play with them when you were in kindergarten and now, after several years, they won't leave you alone no matter how much you beg them
  • Arizona Coyotes:The friend who posts YouTube videos that no one watches
  • Boston Bruins:The friend who won't stop hitting you on the arm, and when you tell them to stop they threaten to punch you some more
  • Buffalo Sabres:The talkative friend who never makes any sense
  • Calgary Flames:The friend with a height complex
  • Carolina Hurricanes:The friend who drinks juice to every meal and claims that ‘it’s healthy’
  • Chicago Blackhawks:The friend who likes to scare you and when they take it too far they blame you for being too sensitive and a wuss
  • Colorado Avalanche:The happy-go-lucky and kind friend who always looks great
  • Columbus Blue Jackets:The loud and annoying friend on Twitter whom everyone thinks is hilarious except from you
  • Dallas Stars:The friend who thinks they're really hot when they're actually mediocre looking
  • Detroit Red Wings:The friend who punches/smacks you with your own hand and asks 'Why are you punching yourself' with a grin
  • Edmonton Oilers:The eternally optimistic friend, even when their life is falling apart
  • Florida Panthers:The friend who doesn't want to be friends with you, they'd rather hang with their hotter and cooler friend, Jaromir Jagr
  • Los Angeles Kings:The imaginary friend that is a talking trash-can
  • Minnesota Wild:The friend who laughs hardest at their own jokes
  • Montreal Canadiens:The friend who sends you dirty messages in French using Google Translate
  • Nashville Predators:The friend who loves dogs more than anything
  • New Jersey Devils:The friend you keep forgetting that you have
  • New York Islanders:The friend who never seems to think anything is funny
  • New York Rangers:The friend who always looks at their reflection when passing a window/mirror to "check how they look" and then they stand there for 5 minutes
  • Philadelphia Flyers:The friend whose house smells like cheese for some reason
  • Pittsburgh Penguins:The friend who always works their hardest, but never achieves much
  • Ottawa Senators:The friend who wants to "hang" at McDonald's every day
  • San Jose Sharks:The friend who's always willing to get stoned with you
  • St Louis Blues:The friend who yells at their parents and treats them like crap
  • Tampa Bay Lightning:The friend who trips on air and have dirty pants
  • Toronto Maple Leafs:The friend who shrugs/sighs at every bad thing that happens to them and says "this is my life"
  • Vancouver Canucks:You can't remember how you became friends with them, they don't say anything either - just looks at you with an eerie smile
  • Washington Capitals:The asshole friend who’s not really an assshole, but is actually a very sensitive and emotional person who just needs someone to hold them
  • Winnipeg Jets:The friend other people tend to ignore
Not just anybody can be a hockey fan, this breed of human is cut from a rare cloth.
One who can endure 82 games of the highest highs and lowest lows
This is complete dedication to a sport and a life style that we love
The rest of the world rejoices at the arrival of summer but not us
Its arrival means a lonely 4 months without ice
But every October when our men of winter return so does the fire in our hearts
The return of hockey makes it burn like surface of the sun
The only fire that will never melt ice

Home opener for the Colorado Avalanche (2014)

Here’s to waiting for October