Florida this week declared a state of emergency because of a slow-moving natural disaster — red tide.

Red tide is toxic algae that have persisted off Florida’s Gulf Coast for nearly a year. In recent weeks, the algae bloom has worsened, killing fish, turtles and dolphins and discouraging tourism on some of the state’s most beautiful beaches.

Scores of dead fish were visible on the shore of Manatee Beach on a recent morning. There was a smell from the fish, but something more — an acrid smell that can make you cough. Mary Vanswol, who was at the beach with her husband, James, said, “Uh, the smell is terrible. And it’s affecting my lungs. I’m coughing, not so much him, but I am. It’s just sad to see all the dead fish.”

Florida’s Gulf Coast Battles Deadly And Smelly Red Tide

Photo: Greg Allen/NPR


• Treasures come in all shapes and sizes
• Broken is still beautiful
• It’s not always about the big ones
• The search can be therapeutic
• Storms bring out and stir up lots of gorgeousness
• Nature always has the best inspiration
• Things might look the same, but each has its own story
• Sometimes it’s all a matter of being at the right place at the right tide

Surfin’ Megaplex

Pounce surfing for last time on the Furnesian Islands, during the sunset, before the sun goes down.

Part of the anniversary poster of Megaplex 2018.

This was also auctioned as well, for the charity auction. As a printed exclusive poster of Megaplex, and the original piece, which was colored pencils. 8 x 10 inches.
This was the last piece I did for Megaplex this year. It was really awesome to be part of the event, I was really honored and grateful to be invited with such title, it was a really enjoyable event, where I have many good memories. I really want to go to Orlando again for another edition of Megaplex, so it is very sure that I’ll see you there next year.


The Drive In by Mark Walter