My rabbit heart drawing and Russian folk art hohloma …

Because that I love Florence

Because that I love the rabbit heart song

 Because that is my dream - to see a concert FATM in Russia !!!

and because that I - crazy Russian fan FATM !!!


‪#‎BigFATMListen‬.SPREAD THE WORLD 21/06/14 9PM UK !!! We made it UK TREND last time on Twitter. Lets make it again ! All the info will be posted on @spreadtheflove and @fatmbg on Twitter


I’m a light sleeper. I’ve never been one of those people who can put their head down and suddenly everything disappears. Nighttime is the time I get most scared, anxious or worried. In those darker moments before waking or sleeping is when I feel most, I don’t know, I can turn on myself, and my imagination can take me dark places.

Florence Welch