I want to properly introduce Daisy Fink Li Mohr; she’s a tough lil girl who just wants to fight the entire world, heck she’ll even fight you. She spends most days - much to her mothers dismay - making fun of her sister and destroying her dollhouse. 

This is it for Florence & her family for a while, but I’ll of course update you later on in their lives!

From “Life through a Leica”. 1964. Photo by Art Shay.

“General Motors had a magazine called Friends. I used to do stories for them. I knew the PR director, who had been stationed with me at the Pentagon. Just out of the blue, I said, ‘We have to go to New York pretty soon—what if we drove a GM car?’ Two days later, an Oldsmobile station wagon appeared. We crossed the country in 1964. The boy sleeping next to Florence is our second son, Richard. Steven and Lauren are in the back. I shot this picture over my shoulder with a Leica and a 21 mm wide-angle lens. You can’t miss with a wide-angle lens.”

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