|History Challenge Part 2|
/Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad and Ezio Auditore da Firenze
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{For Florence.}  a regularly-updated list of Florence Welch’s favourite songs. 

| hounds of love - the futureheads | white rabbit - jefferson airplane | no kind words - the maccabees | ambling alp - yeasayer | the ideal husband - father john misty | huarache lights - hot chip | crystallised - the xx | month of may - arcade fire | i’m your here i am - dianne cluck | don’t let go - en vogue | the chain - fleetwood mac | going down - freddie king | lover you should’ve come over - jeff buckley | take you on a cruise - interpol | hold on - spiritualised | hoist that rag - tom waits | love will tear us apart - joy division | i follow rivers - lykke li | the rat - the walkmen | unfinished business - white lies |



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Hotel Brunelleschi - Florence, Italy

Housed in a Byzantine tower right next door to Florence’s magnificent cathedral, the elegant Hotel Brunelleschi has its own private archaeological museum filled with medieval artifacts discovered during the property’s renovation. The Brunelleschi’s Duomo is visible from most of the hotel’s beautiful rooms, decorated with antique-style furnishings and marble bathrooms. The suites are even more impressive, one of them offering a rooftop terrace with Jacuzzi and spectacular skyline views. Dining options include two exquisite restaurants serving refined Italian cuisine and traditional Tuscan specialties.