The Dying Alexander (detail)

Head of The Dying Alexander (detail) , 17th-18th century copy after the famous antique marble head in the Uffizi, Florence.

“A dark mist crossed the sky, and a bolt of lightning was seen to fall from heaven into the sea, and with it a great eagle. And the bronze statue of Arimazd in Babylon quivered; and the lightning ascended into heaven, and the eagle went with it, taking with it a radiant star. And when the star disappeared in the sky, Alexander too had shut his eyes.”

The Legend had begun.

~The Nature of Alexander by Mary Renault~

Dear part of Medici’s fandom who doesn’t live in Italy nor speak Italian, I know that you’re probably lost and you don’t get the 90% of the memes about the show. But don’t worry, the only thing that matter and that you have to learn is that basically we have decided to call ourself “gli autoportanti” as a fandom and trust me is 100% accurate.

Ruin marble is a mix of limestone, iron oxides, and other minerals that co-mingle and randomly form shapes that look like crumbling skylines and the ruins of dead cities. The geological conditions needed to create these forms are rare, so most ruin marble is about 50 million years old and is mainly found near Florence, Italy. Source