hufflepuffholland  asked:

boxer!college!tom meeting you at one of his underground matches that your friend dragged you to. he's having a drink in the crowd before his match and you're trying to push through the crowds and you accidentally knock into him, spilling his drink. "hey, watch it!" and he turns around, seeing you clad in jeans, a floral blouse and a cardigan - you're out of place. "sorry, i'm looking for my friend." and he smiles down at you, feeling slightly guilty for scolding you. (1/?)

“it’s fine, sorry for yelling.” and then he hears his name being called over the intercom, introducing his match. he gives his drink to you, “hold this for me, will you?” you take it, a confused look on your face as he makes his way to the center of the ring. he stops before passing the ropes, pointing toward you and saying “this is for you, pretty girl.” and he winks at you as you blush, gaining the attention of everyone there, the match starting. (2/2) xoxo

cHARisSA I CAN’T WITH YOU you’re gonna be the deaTH OF ME