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Cherry Blossoms | Nailing It

One of my favourite things about spring is the beautiful cherry blossoms that come out at this time. We’re actually in the middle of the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival at the moment, which makes it the perfect time to post this design. Don’t be intimidated by the number of steps in this tutorial–they aren’t as difficult as they look and are definitely worth the work in the end. If you’re pressed for time, you could do the cherry blossom design on top of a plain background, rather than on top of French tips. However, I chose to put this design on tips for big impact.


1) Base Coat

2) Top Coat

3) Light Sparkly Nail Polish

4) White Nail Polish

5) Black Paint

6) Pink Paint

7) Red Paint

8) Small Paint Brush

9) Medium and Small Dotting Tool(s)

10) Optional: French Tip Guides


1) To start, paint your nails with a layer of base coat.

2) Paint two coats of a light nail polish on all of your nails. 

3) Optional: once the polish is dry, place a french tip guide just below the edge of your nail. This will help to create a sharp french tip.

4) Use the white nail polish to paint a french tip onto the nail.

5) While the white polish is still wet, remove the french tip guide in order to get the most crisp line.

6) Dip your small paint brush into the black paint. (This could also work with a dark brown paint.)

7) Add a combination of three wispy lines to the nail.

11) Dip the medium sized dotting tool into the pink paint.

12) Place a series of five dots in a mini circle to create a flower. Make sure this flower is on top of one of the branches.

13) Add a few more flowers to the cherry blossom. 

14) Dip the small dotting tool into the red paint.

15) Add a tiny red dot to the middle of each flower.

16) After cleaning off the brush, dip it into the red paint.

17) Create a tiny “X”-shape on top of each circle. This is just to add a bit more detail to each flower and to make it look more natural, so don’t worry about perfect symmetry. 

18) Finally, paint everything over with a top coat.