Pablo Genovés (Spanish, b. 1959, Madrid, Spain) - 1: La Ultima Biblioteca, 2010  2: El Palco (The Box), 2011  3: Juicio Final, 2011  4: La Nube 2, 2009  5: Templo del Sol, 2012  6: La Reconquista de Lo Visisble, 2013  7: Los Nuevos Dioses, 2011  8: Cosmology, 2013  9: Final En El Sur, 2011  Digital Collages


The Royal Chateau of Chambord in the heart of France’s Loire Valley photographed helplessly close to flood waters that had hit most of France and central Europe last week. Fortunately they raising flood levels receded over the weekend and the Sun even came out to mark the beginning of the weeks/months of clean up.

Source: ChateauDeChambord Instagram.

I don’t normally make posts like this but

If you haven’t heard (and unless you’re South Indian, you haven’t), Chennai is currently experiencing a natural disaster, with terrible flooding and rains that won’t stop. 

At least 197 people have died. 

Peoples homes are being flooded and they have been evacuated. (My family has been evacuated to a shelter).

They’ve called the army in to help with rescue efforts.

Awhile back, there were a lot of terrible things happening worldwide and there was a lot of support and positivity aimed towards the people suffering. If you can take the time to keep these people in your thoughts and prayers too, it’d be much appreciated. A lot of them aren’t very well off, and as the rains cut off, so does electricity.

So please send some good thoughts that way