Flooding leads to state of emergency in Ontario communities of Windsor, Tecumseh
In Windsor, numerous basements and roads have been flooded and in Tecumseh all pumping stations were operating at maximum capacity.

The mayors of the southwestern Ontario communities of Windsor and Tecumseh have declared states of emergency as they deal with flooding caused by heavy rain.

With numerous basements and roads flooded, Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens told a news conference Thursday that a state of emergency was declared to get access to support from higher levels of government.

In Tecumseh, where officials say 190 millimetres of rain has fallen since Wednesday night, Mayor Gary McNamara declared an emergency, noting that all pumping stations were operating at maximum capacity and more rain was expected.

They say the normal rainfall amount for the whole month of September in Windsor-Essex is about 94mm.

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Incase you’re wondering about Texas right now

We’ve received 17" of rain. Monthly record is 13".
The lake has risen about 3 meters (Thats a metric fuck ton of water friends).
Downtown Austin is flooding rn.
13 people are dead or missing.
Houses are being lifted off of their foundations and floating down what should be a CREEK.
We’ve been under tornado warnings for the past 6 hours (that means the cloud is spinning but no report of it touching down completely).
The storm cells are reaching 43k ft. A plane flies at 30k. That’s 13k feet of cloud and gross.
The sky above my house is currently yellow green.
A dam just failed in Bastrop county.
The dam up stream from where I live began floodgate operations yesterday (meaning there’s a metric fuck ton of water headed my way).
The islands in the middle of lake Travis that have been there since the beginning of the drought are no longer there. They’re under like 3 ft of water.
It’s pretty much enough water to end a drought that’s lasted since I was 5. That’s a 13 year drought.
We had a creek rise 30 ft in 3 hours.

So if you’re interested, donating to the central Texas flood relief fund would be cool

And there’s this cool website to see of the lake by my house is full yet. (It’s risen 2 ft just today).

@ some of you on tumblr who are glad about all of the insanely bad weather texas is getting because of texas politics and shit

please shut the fuck up due to the following reasons : 

  • most of texas is in no way prepared to handle this much rain. the average rainfall in north texas for may is four inches, and we’ve gotten something like 17 inches (and it’s been storming here in dallas for the past hour, so that number is going to go up) so telling texans to suck it up because other parts of the world get worse flooding than this every day is just stupid????and???doesn’t make sense????

  • just a couple of weeks ago, parts of texas were bone-dry because of the insane drought we’ve been in for the last five years, and now lands are completely overwhelmed by the water. 

  • yeah our politicians are homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist pieces of shit. but there are also a lot of really great and not terrible people here, including lots of LGBTQA+ residents, all of whom really don’t want to drown

  • speaking of drowning, did you know people have died due to this flooding? over 20 people have been reported dead and 13 are missing or dead

  • Houston is practically underwater. Schools are closed all across the area. Thousands of homes have been damaged and destroyed due to flooding. People are literally fucking stranded because of flooding on the roads and are drowning in their cars. 

  • austin isn’t doing that well either! 


To help, please consider donating to the Houston and Austin Red Crosses or the Central Texas relief fund. also please don’t be an asshole and realize that people of all backgrounds are being seriously affected by this weather thank you good bye have a nice day