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I adore your art, I gush about it on the regular. It's incredibly beautiful, and somehow you capture the dynamics of the pairing (at least, speaking from my BuckyNat experience) so well even through just a still frame painting. How do you do it? Who knows, I do not--but I sure do appreciate it fully and whole-heartedly. Seeing your artwork is something I look forward to, please never stop! (Unless you want to because lol than of course do. I just pray that day is not soon to come xx)

Oh gosh, I’m going to float away from embarrassment here. I think why I embody buckynat a certain way is mostly because it’s why I truly love them and why I think they’re such a beautiful couple. I guess by understanding what they are, who they are for each other, what they stand for and how I translate it is because of how beautiful their relationship’s foundation is. Thank you though <3 This is so sweet