My Jared op from Torcon 2016. If I could bottle up the happiness I felt in this moment…

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Are you familiar with the ins-and-outs of Harry Potter? If so, I wanted to ask... if Keith looked in the Mirror of Erised, what do you think he'd see? And same for Shiro?


Same for Shiro (only with Slav floating somewhere far away in space Sendak style)

Haha well, ok… Keith, yeah, that’s what I think he’d see. (+ Voltron team and some of his family members standing around) 

Cause we’ve seen that the two most important things to Keith is defeating Zarkon and that Shiro will stay by his side. (And I’m guessing that he will not be able to have both and will have to choose at some point..) Also I think he really wants Shiro to be proud of him. Make a positive impact on the universe maybe?

For Shiro though, it’s a bit more complicated, because we don’t really see much of real Shiro so it’s hard to say what is going on in his mind and what he really wants..

Like you’d think it will be something like defeating Zarkon aswell and peace in the universe, and I think Shiro thinks that too, but I feel like it will be something you won’t really expect from Shiro, some very personal, private desire he keeps burying deep deep down because he always cares more about others and never thinks of himself and what he wants.

I think Shiro would be surprised at what he sees. I have no idea what that might be tho

so astronaut pants.

they have velcro strips on them so they can stick their tools to their pants and not have them float away when they’re working.

if eiffel had such pants

how much time out of the day would he spend just sticking and unsticking stuff to make the velcro noise

Imagine the Boys returning to the B.O.B. with the Animus Bell.

Everyone is gathered in the hangar. Avi got their message, that they successfully retrieved the Bell, so the crowd is already cheering as they disembark.

The cheer loses a little of its strength when the crowd sees them. Besides the things that hint at an obvious, bodily injury–did Merle lose an eye?–they seem tired down to their bones. Their clothes are torn and bloodied–they’ve been hurt on their missions before, of course. But this time they have a pained and weary stance that seems at odds with their usual selves–the confident, flippant trio that can seemingly brush off anything with a joke.

Something else the crowd notices (by now the cheers are turning into murmurs) is the way Taako and Merle cling to Magnus, one on each side, each holding tightly onto one of his big arms as if they’re afraid that he might float away if they let go.

The Director enters the hangar and the crowd parts for her. She looks at Magnus, sees the grey in his temples and the lines around his eyes, and her careful composure breaks for a moment. Something passes in the gaze between them, the kind of pain shared between two people who’ve walked a similar path. She takes a deep breath and speaks.

“…You made it. I almost can’t believe it, but I thank any gods that might be listening, you all made it back.” She says.

Merle mutters something under his breath at the mention of gods. It takes the Director a moment to process his words, and when she does a chill settles in her chest. He’d said, “they’re not.”

She clears her throat, continuing. “…I won’t ask what you faced down there. I can only imagine it was…beyond horrible.” That wasn’t what she’d planned to say, but something in her needs to show sympathy, perhaps to apologize for ever sending them in there. “…Do you have the Bell?”

Magnus nods, briefly pulling his arm away from Taako to lift his pack. When he lowers his arm again, the wizard immediately wraps himself back around it.

“You’ve done the world a great service, at what I imagine is a great personal cost.” The Director sighs. “…Come to my office and we’ll see it destroyed. And then…I’m afraid that we will need to talk, Magnus.” She hardens her gaze. With effort, she pushes the emotion out of her voice. “I think you know what about.”

Magnus opens his mouth to reply, but before he can, Merle speaks.

“We’re staying with him.” he says.

“Damn straight.” Taako adds. “And I literally dove into hell today, so getting called into the principal’s office is no big.”