Club Nintendo shutting down ⊟

Nintendo will close its loyalty-rewards program across all regions this year, as it prepares to introduce a new program later in 2015. The company introduced Club Nintendo to North America more than six years ago, allowing people who purchased its products to redeem coins/stars for digital and physical rewards.

North American members will be able to earn coins through the end of March and redeem them until the end of June. Nintendo intends to offer new physical reward options next month, as well as downloadable 3DS/Wii U games to members who reach Elite status by the end of March.

One last bonus for Club Nintendo members – animation app Flipnote Studio 3D is finally releasing in North America, and Club Nintendo members will get it for free next month. More on this in the next post!


An animation I did for paper-mario-wiki’s post.
This guy is a huge nerdo and u need to check out his stuff ok,,, yeah

Flipnote Studio 3D is here ⊟

Club Nintendo members in North America can grab a free download code for the long-awaited animation app at the service’s site right now! And if you’re not a member for some reason, you can probably buy a code on eBay. ::sigh::

Shout-out to Skynix for the image. And advance shout-outs to everyone who will finally make their DeviantArt dreams come true, turning their static Sonic the Hedgehog sketches into animated erotic masterpieces.



For the 25 anniversary of The Legend of Zelda series, nintendo commissioned a competition to design a short animation based around the zelda franchise. Nintendo made their own entry that was not entered into the competition (because god knows it would’ve won hands down).

Animation using Flipnote studio

Official List of Flipnote Hatena IDs for Flipnote Studio 3D

Do you remember that one guy from Flipnote Hatena that you really liked but can’t find any of his work anymore? Do you want to watch them again on your Nintendo 3DS?

Look no further, this is the official list of Flipnote Hatena IDs. You can use these codes to download Flipnotes posted on the now-defunct Flipnote Hatena website and watch them on Flipnote Studio 3D on your 3DS. In order to use these IDs listed below, go to the Nintendo DSi Library on the second page of the home menu on FS3D and enter the code there (You need a wireless connection in order for this work).  We will keep this list updating every day so stay tuned for more creators! Spread the word!

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