Harlequin Stagwing: These agile creatures cast dragon-shaped shadows as they dart through the sky.

i decided to do a pic of my peryton. please fullview this! tumblr is horrible at displaying wide images

(also here’s some of the lineart because it got kinda lost in the coloured pic)


the first from this week’s fullbody commissions for @weathering-clan, who could not possibly have picked a better or more fun subject and theme. * u * Ilona, a vicious and powerful light flight god-queen…I tried to make her feel a bit heraldic for that extra side of symbolism and overall I’m just really, really happy with this one.

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Finally completed another Flight Rising commission: Somnis the Wildclaw dragon for Toothiana! I was given more creative liberty for this painting, as Somnis’ appearance is variable according to the accompanying lore. I enjoyed painting the wings, mist and night silks in particular, and look forward to painting more bright and translucent materials in the future hahaha