New video! :-)

Finally: How I get fluffy bouncy curls on kinky natural hair. I used 20 gray flexi rods for this tutorial. Hope this helps! <3


Since I was attending a wedding yesterday and my dress was strapless, I thought it’d be cute to pin them up

I used bobby pins in the front and hair clips in the back (my hair was too heavy for the pins and it was easy to disguise the metal clips since they were under so much hair)

OH and I comb coiled those four in the front. I finally got the hang of comb coiling!

I got sooooo many compliments on my hair yesterday.

Yep, this is another one for the books :)


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Many of you loved my flexi rod set. This was my second time doing a wet flexi rod set after a whole year so I definitely need a bit more practice but it came out cute! #myhaircrush

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Flexi rod set 4/06/16

I have this hit or miss experience every time I attempt a flexi rod set… But I must say , I’m pleased with the result!

I used a variety of colors, gray ones mostly for the top and crown area and the rest for the sides and whatever I can roll at the back .

I don’t use any special way to “roll” them on, no twist and roll, no twirling .. Just the basic roller method (like you would do with the traditional foam rollers back in the day) and bend the ends of the rod to secure it in place.

I used a pick to fluff a lil more, some edge control before I applied a band and I was good to go.


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