New video! :-)

Finally: How I get fluffy bouncy curls on kinky natural hair. I used 20 gray flexi rods for this tutorial. Hope this helps! <3


Since I was attending a wedding yesterday and my dress was strapless, I thought it’d be cute to pin them up

I used bobby pins in the front and hair clips in the back (my hair was too heavy for the pins and it was easy to disguise the metal clips since they were under so much hair)

OH and I comb coiled those four in the front. I finally got the hang of comb coiling!

I got sooooo many compliments on my hair yesterday.

Yep, this is another one for the books :)


Flexi Rod Set (by jenichris23)


Decided to try a flexi rod set. There are 18 rods in total, yet it took nearly two hours to install! That’s crazy to me.

I’m also not looking for the spiral curls that are usually done by rolling the hair into the rods, but instead I’m looking for more wavier, looser curls–so instead I rolled the hair around the flexi rods, much like you do on a curling wand. Hopefully, I achieved my desired results. Will definitely share!

And I’m not sure how I’m going to sleep tonight. I’ll just catch up on Orange is the New Black until I can figure it out, lol!