Look there are a lot of defining moments in Gravity Falls but I think the most defining one was when the exact clone of Dipper was literally dying and said, “Oh boy. Don’t look now. It’s okay, dude. I had a good run.” and honestly, I think that says everything we need to know about Dipper’s personality and I invite you to imagine what would have happened if the real Dipper had actually gotten hurt in the show.

Some scars never fully heal because they aren’t flesh wounds.
—  Because they remind me of people. Because they live in my head. Because they bleed when I have a blanket over my head. Because they fester worse than any infection. Because they tear at more than my skin. Because they found a way to scar my silk road soul. Because they find a way to make me feel like wanting to be whole again is a shitty idea. Some flesh wounds are from razor blades, but some scars are from smiles. Those are the scars that hurt the fucking most, right? Mornings and nights aren’t different anymore. You can feel this shit at night right before you hit the sheets. You can feel this shit before you say your prayers. You can feel this shit right before you open your eyes. You can feel it every sunrise and every sunset. You can feel it when the moon shines. Scars that look like every star in the sky refusing to blink a sparkle for us to find our way home. Some scars are like a lighthouse though, those are the scars that make us better people. Those are the ones we cater to and keep forever.