▪Flower Arrangements, Peacock, Butterflies, and Insect.
Artist: Joris Hoefnagel (Flemish / Hungarian, 1542 - 1600)
and Georg Bocskay (Hungarian, died 1575)
Culture: Flemish and Hungarian
Place of origin: Vienna, Austria
Date: 1561 - 1562; illumination added 1591 - 1596
Medium: Watercolors, gold and silver paint, and ink on parchment

Belgian & Dutch YouTubers, Films And Series To Watch!


  1. EnzoKnol - A LOT of vlogs (and Minecraft video’s)
  2. Gio - Vlogs, Q&A’s, some games, …
  3. Kastiop - Mainly him talking about his life while playing video games or screaming while playing a game because he’s losing. But he also has funny video’s, like prank calls and him reacting to Dora the Explorer.
  4. Achterklap - He did some collabs with Kastiop. He also makes a lot of vlogs and pranks. You can find him exploring abandoned locations here too!

Belgian films: 

(The links redirect you to the IMDb pages of the films and series)

  1. The Broken Circle Breakdown: Tragedy / drama
  2. De Helaasheid Der Dingen: Tragedy
  3. Rundskop: Crime
  4. Daens: Drama
  5. Loft: Thriller
  6. De Zaak Alzheimer: Police
  7. De Witte Van Sichem: Drama
  8. Hasta La Vista: Tragedy / Comedy
  9. Frits & Freddy: Comedy
  10. Safety First: The Movie: Comedy

Dutch films:

  1. Bon Bini Holland: Comedy
  2. Alles is Liefde: Romantic Comedy
  3. Zombibi: Zombie film / comedy
  4. Spijt!: Drama
  5. Sint: Horror

Belgian series:

  1. Code 37: Crime / Police
  2. Aspe: Crime / Drama / Police
  3. Matroesjka’s: Crime / Drama
  4. Cordon: Drama
  5. Familie: Soap (Warning: This show has been airing since 1991 and is still running. It’s the longest Belgian TV-show ever made with almost 6000 episodes and 26 seasons… and counting!)
  6. Het Eiland: Comedy
  7. Safety First: Comedy (The series on which Safety First: The Movie is based)

Dutch series:

  1. Flikken Maastricht: Crime / Drama
  2. Gooische Vrouwen: Drama / Romance
  3. Overspel: Action / Drama
  4. Rundfunk: Comedy (You can find this one on YouTube)

Note: Obviously I know more Flemish films and series than Dutch ones, because I’m Belgian :p

Keep on learning!