Rainy Day With Hongbin

“Rainy summer day with hongbin? Sitting at home, reading books in a pillow fort, play fight, making cookies, what would it be like?”

- (I did it as more of a list bc I couldn't think of a whole like scenario thing like oops, soz if that was what u were after aaah <33)

  • you’d be sitting just watching tv, minding your own business
  • In comes Hongbin carrying all the pillows in the building and wrapped in every blanket he could find
  • “Do you think this is enough?” he says as he buries you in all the cushions
  • Tries so hard to make the blanket walls stay up
  • Gets frustrated when they keep coming crashing down on you both
  • “See I knew I was good at DIY” he boasts as he decides on tying the blankets to various light fixtures
  • “A real man build pillow forts” *fleEX*
  • Wants you to read whatever you’re reading to him
  • “You’re voice could make anything sound like music to my ears, I swear”
  • So you start singing one of their songs “IS THIS MUSIC TO YOUR EARS?!”
  • “aaaAAH PLEASE STOP” he says as he hits you with a pillow
  • “(y/n)…I’m hungry”
  • “can we bake something?” he says looking at you with his best puppy eyes
  • eats most of the mix before they even go in the oven
  • floury hand prints all over you
  • watches them bake through the over door
  • tries to eat one all sexily when they’re done but ends up burning his mouth
  • attempts to feed you one but gets more of it in your nose than your mouth
  • when it starts getting dark he breaks out the fairy lights
  • “If we can’t go and look at the stars, I’ll bring the stars to you”
  • ends up play fighting with you to keep you from falling asleep at like 9pm
  • kisses you every time you start drifting off 
  • but he’s the one who ends up properly falling asleep first
  • Is cuddly af bc he’s full of cookies and completely content with life
“People who think drakes response is weak must not listen to lyrics”

“I blame it on our generation. Loud ass niggas and big sounding beats got ya’ll ears dumb. Lets break this down:

Drake dissed meek, nicki, funk flex, and jay-z 

  • Funk flex diss:

“might have dj clue drop a bomb on this.” 

clue is on power 105.1. he’s pretty much saying fleex is replaceable.

  • Jay-z Diss 

“Trying to make the higher road and still respect my idols, i have a deal with apple but i still feel entitled. Rumor has it there’s something that only i know”

I still feel En( TIDAL ). Media take out said a few days ago that jay-z was behind the entire thing. He had meek do that to drake for pulling out of the apple deal. Drake is confirming jay had something to do with it.

  • Nicki Minaj diss

“Rumor has it i either fucked her or i never could”

He’s addressing meek mills insecurities as to weather nicki fucked him or not.

  • Meek Mill diss 

“Im honored that you think this is staged, i’m honored man in fact i’m amazed” 

Addressing meek saying he doesn’t write his rhymes. 

“Im done doing favors for people, cause its not like i need the money i make off a feature”

Basically drake is saying meek mill needs him on his albums for them to sell. Also that meek still needs money by doing features. 

“i see you niggas having trouble going gold turning into some so and so’s that no one knows”

Meeks album is performing poorly. And know one knew him outside of hip hop before his twitter rant.

“come live all your dreams out at OVO”

Meek mills label is dream chasers.

“No woman ever had me star struck, or was able to tell me to get my bars up” 

He’s clowning Meek for how obsessed he is with nicki. He’s also saying nicki could never tell him to get his bars up because he’s a better rapper than her.

“so there you have it. its a jab at meek saying stay in you’re place, or else i’ll really chew you up. Drake is very smart and has everything set the way he wants.”

- khalil smith