“She can play the piano and I can play the guitar just wonderfully along with her. It’s almost like parallel lines during our formative years of music until today”-Lindsey Buckingham, 1982. 

 "It would be trial and error with Lindsey,“ McVie said. "He would take a song and treat it like a huge canvas, an oil painting. He would put down something he thought was good, start to erase things and paint it blue. It would sound nothing like the original. But I was always close behind Lindsey’s back. I’m something of a studio junkie myself. I learned a lot from Lindsey and tried to carry it on…” Tulsa World, 1990

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: stevie nicks wrote landslide in 1973 and she still sings it in 2016 and the line "i'm getting older too" just makes me emotional, i wonder if she now relates to the song in a very different way because she's sang it thousands of times over 43 years of her life with her former boyfriend almost always by her side