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So, I really like this Asian brand Fleamadonna.. Mainly their kick ass shoes!

But I also really like these tights (or leggings.. whichever).  But, their $88, and only come in “one size”…

Therefore, here’s a project I plan on trying as soon as I can.

Here’s the Fleamadonna leggings//tights:

And now:

  • A pair of tights or leggings (whichever you prefer in whatever colour you prefer)
  • Scrap fabric (solid or print)
  • Needle & thread *or sewing machine*
  • Scissors
  • Safety pins
  • Fabric chalk (or white eyeliner pencil… or neither if you think you got skills)



  • Use chalk (or liner) –or neither, if you have skills ;) and draw a heart on a piece of scrap fabric.  Your heart can be as perfect or as organic as you’d like.
  • Cut out the heart *if you got skills, here’s where you use em*
  • Try on the leggings//tights.  You’ll want your heart to be centered on your knee, and down want wrinkling or anything like that.
  • Use safety pins to place all around the heart so it stays in place when you take the leggings//tights off
  • Either sew by hand or by machine your sweet little heart onto the leggings//tights
  • TADA~~~  Fleamadonna look alike leggings//tights

I have not personally tried this yet, but plan on it.

If any of you guys try this before I get the chance to, let me know how it went and send me pics!!!

Fleamadonna AW 2014-15 runway.

Fleamadonna show was in Shibuya Hikarie.

The room was all dark with this mirrors mosaic where you can see the audience.

It’s the 3 rd show of Fleamadonna in Japan. The brand has been launched in 2007 by Jei Kim.

This time the collection featured a lot of boyish and sporty elements.

Plateform shoes in collaboration with a Korean brand Reike Nen


With Jei, Fleamadonna’s designer.

With my two Thai friends, editors of LIPS Magazine and Vogue.

Bumped into Mami-chan.

Photobombing situation.

Details (Hiro from H3O)

Details (Jason from H3O)

Yu Matsui in super pink, fashion gang style.

 Fleamadonna’s website


Really loving the kawaii concept of this MV. The animations were an adorable feature~ Lee Hi’s outfits reflected a cuter girl side to her which was a nice change :3 I wasn’t even surprised when I realised she was wearing clothes from Lazy Oaf who are known for their quirky cute style.

1) Lee Hi is wearing the Yes Please Sweatshirt from Lazy Oaf

2) Lee Hi is wearing the Ice-Cream Intarsia Sweater from Peter Jensen

3) Lee Hi is wearing a Cropped Hoodie (SS16 Collection) from Fleamadonna

4) Lee Hi is wearing a Real Knit from Margarin Fingers 

5) Lee Hi is wearing the Cult Leader T-Shirt from Lazy Oaf

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