Flea Balzary

  • Anthony Kiedis (to a journalist):"Are you a nasty girl? Do you like to be spanked? Can you deep throat? Are you a good editor? Cause you're not going to be able to use much of this."
  • Anthony Kiedis:"I once heard a rumor that I was a flamboyantly gay man who was dying of AIDS."
  • Flea:"What's the difference between me and that guy with the grey suit on down there? NOTHING! What's a difference between a mouse and Jupiter? ...NOTHING!!!"
  • Anthony Kiedis:"You live in the capital of ass. New York City is the epicenter of the ass universe."
  • John Frusciante:"The point is, I know I'm weird, but I never felt weird."
  • Anthony Kiedis:"For those of you who don't know us, we're the Red Hot Chili Peppers. If you don't know us, that's alright. We play bone-crunching mayhem psychedelic sexfunk from heaven, and we are here to perpetrate the funk into your anal cavern."
  • John Frusciante:"Pagers are my life. I try to get them into our music as much as possible."
  • John Frusciante:"I drove a Cadillac once that I had bought...for $1500 because of the size of the ashtray when I was 19 years old...I nearly hit a jogger on my one attempt to drive, and that was the last time I tried to drive."
  • John Frusciante:"I write lyrics. I play the guitar. If the rest of the band had to do my schedule, they would be dead"
  • Chad Smith:"You know what? I'll be honest with you. I write the lyrics, I write the bass parts, I write the guitar parts, and I write the drum parts, and I play them all in the albums. The other 3 guys you see on stage? Puppets."
  • Flea:"We do nothing that takes a big, expensive stage show. Our wildness is pretty low-budget. It doesn't cost much for a sock."
  • John Frusciante:"Chad is the meanest. He'll push fans around and yell at them just to make me laugh."